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It’s easy to get confused about WordPress. We have WordPress.com and WordPress.org, they look so similar and it’s very easy to get it all mixed up. Luckily, it’s all easy to understand. WordPress is a content management service, CMS for short. While there are many CMS programs both for free and paid use, WordPress is one of the few that caters to both users.

Since 2003, WordPress has added more useful features and has become indispensable. The number of web developers and bloggers on the platform keeps increasing. Other CMS brands in the market are Magento, joomla, Blogger etc.

Understanding the dichotomy between WordPress.org and WordPress.com is a very important.

A construction of a house is an analogy that works best to describe their differences. WordPress.com is akin to a house already built and waiting for the tenants to move in. WordPress.org is a far more complex construction process. The tools for building the house are available. The location, size and every other detail has to crafted out by the developer.

Bloggers, less advanced users turn to WordPress.com. It provides a quick fix.

Logging on to WordPress.com. The user fills a registration form. The simple registration form is all that stands between any user and the website of their dreams.

The only complex decision to make is the selection of a theme. This can be daunting, WordPress has hundreds of themes and color schemes to choose from. WordPress also supplies an inexhaustible list of widgets and plugins for various functionality. Analytic tools are also available for monitoring purposes and collation of user data.

WordPress.org on is downloadable. Installation follows after the developer has paid for webhosting space from a webhost. Developers still have a wide range of themes to choose from. They do not have the option for a free domain name. The developer still has to sort the services of a domain name seller.

The WordPress CMS has gained major acceptance of webhosts. It is a popular choice for developers using cloud services like AWS. Tutorials for installation of WordPress is easy to follow. Though it all sounds technical, it’s quite easy to follow.

Though WordPress.com has a basic free service, there are a few drawbacks to using it.

The site domain name will include a WordPress.com extension. Use of the free account also prevents the site developer from self-hosting ads. For bloggers who intend to profit or monetize their website, this is unsuitable. The free plan also provides 3 gigabyte of storage space.

Access to WordPress customer service and user forums are also included. This is very invaluable, a lot of knowledge and hacks can be gained from the WordPress communities. Users can achieve optimal functionality from frequent visit to the WordPress community. Thousands of registered users share experiences daily.

For increased functionality, WordPress.com provides four plans. The free plan, the personal plan, the premium plan and the business plan. These plans provide various degree of functionality. The pricing ranges from 4 USD to 25 USD. The fee is a monthly charge. Subscribing for the business plan puts the user in complete control of the website. Full access of WordPress support system is guaranteed.

The cost of WordPress.com, and the lack of complete control, is a factor that pushes advanced users away from it. Using WordPress.org, the developer has more cost-effective options. More control in the design and implementation of the website.

The user base of WordPress is the biggest advantage WordPress has over other CMS brands. Thousands of users share many resources. Problems are easier to navigate as there is always someone who was seen it before.

The simplicity of WordPress is another trump card. Each process always has an explanation for the user. Allowing beginners ease in decision making.

Another area where WordPress wins big is in plugins. WordPress claims to have them in thousands. While the functions of all the plugins can’t be explained here, we can talk about a few popular and important options.

It’s important to note that all the plugins work in WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

Once you set up your WordPress site, the following plugins provide important functionality. It takes one click to add them. The plugins tab is located on the WordPress dashboard.

Hummingbird is one of my favorites. The loading speed of a website is very important. Hummingbird analyzes a website, then provides a breakdown of the analysis. Hummingbird also provides a cache of webpage. Loading speeds is one of the criteria google uses for website ranking. Improving the chances of the website coming up on search results is improved by Hummingbird. Hummingbird is not free, but its available for trial.

The popularity of WordPress makes it attractive for hackers. Defender is a plugin that analyzes websites for vulnerabilities. Defender displays the vulnerabilities, and they can be fixed with a click. Scheduled scanning can also be activated, to keep your security up to date.kismet is a plugin that is popular among bloggers using WordPress. it scans the comment section for spam. Akismet flags and hides spam comments for the admin.

Optimizing and improving a website can be better achieved with visitor tracking. Google analytics tracks visitors and activities. Google analytics is used to understand content that users find most interesting. Location of visitors, and other statistics are also made available.

Contact form 7 is a public that manages forms. It also has CAPTCHA for spam control. It supports ajax powered submitting.

Backups are very important. In case of contingencies, Snapshot comes to the rescue. Snapshot saves website backup in more than one location. Users can choose to back up data in either of Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google. Physical backup in the user’s computer is also available.

Ultimate Branding is a plugin that improves the professionality of a website. Ultimate Branding manages website logo. It replaces all WordPress logos in a website. It resizes the logo and provides viewing consistency.

Marketpress is an e commerce plug in. Marketpress is popular for being user friendly. It handles invoicing, tax calculations can be set with this plugin. It’s very easy to manage and integrates with the website.

For developers, content aesthetics is improved with images. Sometime the image size weighs on the loading speed. WP Smush pro is an image compression and optimization plugin. The best thing about the plugin is it doesn’t compromise on image quality. It leaves images lighter, while still looking beautiful.

WordPress satisfies the various needs of web development companies. Its flexibility and accessibility makes it the best choice. Beginners don’t have to settle for less quality. Google WordPress web development and get started on your dream website today.

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