Ideas to Implement a Paywall on Your WordPress Site

Onto any online business or simply leading an informational website? Then, WordPress is something which you might be pretty much used to! Right? All credits go to a wide impact of WordPress over the websites of almost all genres.

Moreover, there are even various approaches through which you can monetize your WordPress sites. For example, affiliate links, banner advertising, and contextual ads are to name a few when it comes to such ways through which you can earn money from people visiting your website.

Although the paid content model is simply a less popular option but something which does wonders in such a scenario is when you publish high-end contents and think that people would like to pay for it. So, to hide everything, I mean all your contents, behind a membership login is definitely not a smart idea!

Rather, you should go for a paywall which can block individual pieces of contents while allowing a little preview of what’s there inside. This finally makes the whole episode quite curious about your audience and they don’t lag behind in spending some bucks to get a comprehensive idea about your website.

However, you need to choose the right kind of paywall in a very cautious way! Not all the paywalls are same. There’s a variety of the same depending on the content that is being blocked and the overall business model of your website.

Here I am with an enumeration of some of the most significant models through which you can implement a paywall on your website successfully!!

Yes! These ideas really work!

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Go for Pay-Per-View

This model is no different from what it sounds like! The visitors in your website are shown the title of the article, or sometimes an abstract if the content is a scholarly piece and then promoted for payment if they are interested to read it.

If your website features research information which is in some level of demand then this model is just perfect for you! It’s because probably most of your visitors would be somewhat interested in reading only one article for research purpose. So, such a model will definitely work for you.

Put forward Subscriptions

In this kind of paywall model, people just have to pay a fee and then they will get an unlimited access to the website for a definite period of time.

Once the subscription is over then the contents get locked for that person unless he or she renews the subscription. This kind of paywall model is just perfect for such websites which deal with online popular magazines. So, if you are such a one then go for it without any ado!

Opt for Metered Paywall

When it comes to some of the most well-known companies around the planet then Metered Paywall solution is something that almost all of them have opted for at certain point of time.

For example, if you just take a glance over the website of Washington Post then you will notice that it would just let you get an access to five articles per month for free before the visitors require a subscription.

So, you can say that it is one of the finest models of paywall which enables the visitors to get a comprehensive idea about the type of content being offered by the website before they end up making a financial commitment. So, it improves the trust awareness among your audience regarding your website.

Offer free for a time

This model is just perfect to give your visitors a free access to your website for a specific period of time before going for a subscription. So, your visitors will get an idea of what’s there on your website before they pay for it.

Thus, if your website is e-commerce based then such a paywall model would suit you in the best possible way as your customers would definitely not love to buy anything from you without knowing you perfectly. Right?

Wrapping Up

These paywall models will make your website extremely user-friendly as well as quite profitable for you at the same time. That’s true! You can even earn a remarkable amount of dollars from your website itself apart from your business. So, just opt for these soon and see the difference!

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