How to Monetize a Web Page in a Short Time

If you have opened this post, you probably also have that concern or, at least, you’re curious to see how this could be done and applied to your case.

I have already insisted many times that you forget the easy formulas to make money on the Internet, that does not exist.

But that does not mean that there are no ways, with good judgement and work, to monetize a WordPress site in relatively short terms, that is, in months.

Make Money With A WordPress site: Fast Track vs. Slow Track

To focus on the essentials, I’ll simplify things a bit.

In this sense, the strategies of monetization of a WordPress, in my view, can be summarized in two basic strategies :

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1. Content and personal branding strategy

This is a very typical strategy in blogs that have been successful. It consists of gradually creating an audience that follows you by publishing quality content that will be useful to you.

It is a good strategy and, above all, very solid because you can gradually generate a lot of confidence in your readers. That trust, that personal brand that you have built, is very powerful because it will make it very easy for you to sell things to your audience: services, products, payment webinars, the speaker in events, etc.

As in my case if you follow the blog habitually, it will happen because you value the contents, and in time I will have surely obtained that you have a certain confidence in my criterion and recommendations, although this does not mean that you have to agree on everything, of course.

So if I recommend you buy something, it is much more likely to that you will listen to me.

This strategy is a good strategy because it allows you to generate assets of great value for your brand or the subscribers of your mailing list.

Also, unlike your assets in other sites ( followers on Twitter, etc.), your personal brand, your WordPress site (if it is with own hosting ) and your mailing list are controlled by you, no one can remove it, no Google, no Twitter, no Facebook, no one.

But this strategy also has a big problem: it is very laborious and very slow.
It takes years to develop, and you have to create hundreds of content (posts, videos, etc.) of good or very good quality to make it work. And to this, you have to add many hours of active promotion in social networks and other media of those contents to get a relatively modest traffic at the beginning (dozens of visits a day).

I only followed this route for about 2 years, and I produced 100-150 content published until the blog began to generate a significant first income (a few hundred euros per month). The blog was founded in 2011, and the year 2013 was the year when traffic really took off, and these first revenues started to arrive.

2. SEO Strategy

A very different strategy is to focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to capture traffic from people with certain interests.

A very clear and simple example:

If you know that a lot of people are frequently looking for “where to buy cheap party shoes online” and you get to be the first of Google for that search, it is clear that you have managed to get straight to a very interesting profile of reader to monetize: people predisposed to buy something .

In that case, we have achieved a very precise segmentation of the public that has arrived at your site.

Having filtered the reader so well that it reaches your content, it is now as easy as using one of monetization formulas to fit this situation.

In this case, for example, the most obvious would be an affiliate link to one or more online stores where you can find what this reader profile is looking for. And if after a previous analysis you see that AdSense pays well in this niche, it could also work a formula to insert online ad of this type into your content.

The rest is pure statistics: about every 100 visits you will have a% of commissions that will generate the people that through those links have finished buying.

From here is to be an ant, there are endless searches/niches like this example. It is a matter of using the tools to discover these searches/niches, create suitable content for them and monetize them with one or more monetization formulas: affiliate links, AdSense advertising , direct sale of products or services, etc. Which best suits each case. A matter of addition and continuation.

Therefore, my conclusion is very clear :

Whatever you do, if you really want to traffic and monetize, and sooner rather than later, it will always make up for you a good SEO job, take little or a lot of time with your project.

Keep this very clear; it’s the best advice I can give you for your project.

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