6 Best Web Hosting Service Providers You Can’t Miss

With the modern world on its rise, you are certainly going to come across so many changes in the online business sector. You can also expect some changes in the world of web hosting, which is a service allowing individuals and organizations to offer web page or website onto internet.

A web host has been a business, which helps in offering services and technologies needed for webpage or website to be viewed over the world of internet. Websites are stored or hosted on some special computers, which are termed as servers. If you are planning to get web hosting services for expanding your business online, you need to be aware of the best web hosting providers of 2018.


There are so many interesting web hosting services available and you can get the best plan from 000webhost service provider. Get superior quality web hosting services without any restrictive terms or hidden costs. You get the chance to enjoy lighting fast speed, fanatical user support and maximum reliability from the same source.

The team is further going to present you with free version of web hosting, which is always better than the paid version.

• Under the free features, you are about to enjoy 10GB of bandwidth and with endless 1000MB free disk space.
• On the other hand, you will be the owner of free domain name with free cPanel services under web hosting admin panel.
• It comes with easy usable website builder and with auto installer for Joomla, WordPress and what not!
• You can further procure full MySQL and PHP database support services from this source along with instant account activation, without any fees.

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Why 000WebHost is Best Hosting Provider

Even though the market houses so many web hosting service providers for 2018, it is mandatory that you get your hands on 000webhost for the help. This service comes handy with 10GB of bandwidth service and with multiple services. With lighting fast speed and great user support, you can always expect the best service from this source. The prices are all open and without any hidden cost. That makes this web hosting provider the reliable one in the market.

1&1 Hosting

There are primarily 5 different web hosting plans, you can expect to get from this source. Those five options are Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server and cloud hosting. Depending on the package you are willing to choose, the prices are subject to change.

• 1&1 Hosting comprises of wide ranges of hosting services with domain name registration, full e-commerce stack, online marketing programs and Office 365 solutions.

• The best thing about this company is that its first hosting price is even less than a buck. This is one of the least expensive hosting programs, you will come across.

• This service provider further offers high end Linux and Windows servers, as available with cPanel and Plesk services. There are Atom-based dedicated forms of servers available from the same source.
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SiteGround web hosting

Another interesting name, which might catch your eyes when you are searching for best web hosting providers of 2018 is SiteGround web hosting. This company has been around 2004 and since its inception, never looked back. It has already worked on more than 500,000 websites and you might be the next one in the list.

• This service provider happens to offer web hosting plans, which comprise of incredible uptime service with great speed, at the same time.

• Moreover, you will definitely fall in love with the amazing customer service this firm has, along with the competitive price the team has in store for you.
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There are so many reasons to contact Dreamhost as a reliable web hosting service provider of 2018. This firm has its own control panel, which is easy to understand and quite convenient at the same time. In case, you fail to catch up with the team over the phone, they have easy to understand and convenient tickets and chat services for you.

• This company is known to use superfast SSDs for storing all the necessary requirements and comprises of free SSL certificate for secure web hosting.
• This platform is further able to offer SSH access for all the plans, which are designed for more technical users out there.
• The pricing of this company is rather transparent and without any hidden cost. The service comes handy with money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the packages.
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HostGator web hosting

Well, for this pick you might have heard the name of this service provider under HostGator web hosting. This package is going to show a lot of promise and comprises of so many interesting plans over here. The basic rate is lower than $4 per month, which makes this package rather reasonable for people to consider.

• The package comes with 99.99% uptime and with 24 hours of support system. The basic price is less than $4 and it might fluctuate depending on the special package you have asked for.

• This company is known to offer immediate support when it comes to customer-centric approach. This firm comprises of online tutorials and some webinars, which can help the customers to get along with the packages right.

• There are multiple domain registrars available from this source and the services are rather difficult for you to understand. Each representative comprises of own profile, which will provide details on the level of expertise and about the person too.
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Another interesting web hosting service provider is iPage, which has four different packages available. Those four options are WordPress hosting, Shared hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated servers. The first noticeable thing about this web hosting provider happens to be the incredible low price in terms of shared hosting service.

• The page comes handy with 24 hours of telephone support service and with 30 days of money back guarantee.

• In case, you are on a budget and don’t have enough money to spare you can try out the web hosting services from this source.

• The prices can start from as low as $1.99 per month for the shared hosting plan, and it can grow up to $119.99 per month for the dedicated servers.
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