What is the Relationship between Instagram and Web Design?

The most common word heard from the youth today is Instagram. Everyone is attracted to this wonderful application which facilitates the upload and down of various images or videos with clarity. These can further be shared with the members a common group or with a known person. The application, being user-friendly, has created wonders by establishing itself in the hearts of its users. Especially youth are the ones making full use of the app.

Instagram operates on any internet operating system and provides full support to its users. Instagram allows the posting of content which results in the development of followership. People reading posts get attracted towards the content that they decide to become followers. There is no harm in calling them real Instagram followers as they are so mesmerized by the application that they like interacting only through Instagram. Whatever posts are posted on the Instagram application, these followers make it a habit of reading and responding to the post.

Role of web designing

Web designing plays a vital role in improving the relationship between you and your followers. There is no doubt that Instagram is helping you out by facilitating posts of comments. However, what if your website does not support you from getting linked with your follower? Web designing can be referred to that process which consists of creating sites, web page layout, content, and graphics. When a website is not designed well, or its web page is not attractive, the followers may lose the interest of subscribing to your account. Therefore Web design Calgary has a team of professionals who can direct you to build dynamic and effective websites easily and can take your business one step ahead in competition.

Following are some of the techniques which create a good web design:

1) Display: A website is good if it is displayed quickly. The movement your site is clicked, the web design should be in such a position that the website opens as soon as the follower clicks it. That means the linking of your site with the server should be perfect.

2) Clarity: Your website should be clear and easy to navigate by anyone and everyone (of course basic internet knowledge is necessary). The content of the site should be relevant and irrelevant data should be erased as this will distract the message you want to communicate to your followers.

3) Security: Nowadays there is a threat of hacking everywhere. People are scared to give their details as miscreants misuse these. Your website should be designed so strongly that the security of your follower’s features is ensured. Even you are also covered under threat. While accepting a number of subscriptions, your website should consider all aspects of safety and security measures.

A web design is good if it helps you in achieving what you want. It should not concentrate on only attracting followers. The web content also should be qualitative. If you just focus on the look of the site, maybe followers will get drawn initially, but not for a long duration. It is content which keeps them engaged to your account. Both look appearance and content are essential. However, it depends on how you manage these two aspects in maintaining your followers.

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