Top 5 Trending Design Industry Preferences Beginners Should Know

Design trends keep on evolving each year. Design trends are influenced by media, technology and new trends. Keeping up with latest trend is a must thing to do. Trend designs come and go and change with the matter of time therefore young designers and beginners should have design education. Many student and young beginners complain that their design courses are a little behind and what trends to adopt to make a mark in the world. There’s nothing difficult in achieving the aim if they follow up new technology trends that will offer the education the students need. Throughout this article we’ll learn some trending design industry preferences that will benefit young beginners.

i. Design is becoming highly important

Every design industry has a business strategy that the industry works on since the beginning. Designing is an integral part of any business strategy, it not an optional or an add-on. For a beginner the first step is to work on the design. We’ve seen design becoming important rapidly and adding more value to the interface.

ii. The fundamentals of design are being damaged

If you’re familiar with web design, you’ll have an idea about the basics. You must know that HTML is used for content, CSS is used for styling and JavaScript for animation and creativity. These are the programming languages that help in design. You may not know that there’s an improvement to do things with different languages. There’s nothing wrong for beginners to get familiar with the methods that you learn.

iii. Disciplines are combining and regrouping

Is your design dedicated into a specific discipline? Do you consider yourself as a designer? If so that’s not a bad thing, an employer’s interest should rely on what they are interested in and what they want to achieve. Just know that every design has clearly defined roles, in many design the discipline is becoming porous.

This trend is new for beginners and students as it means that over time you’ll be free to create development in any way you want instead of having to restrict yourself to one design and development.

iv. Social media is increasingly evolving

Back in the days, employers used to find letters and portfolios which used to take time in responding. Nowadays they don’t do that, that’s because they find best work in social media platforms. If you’re not active on social media and availing the benefits of sharing your work you’re proud of at social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. then you’re missing out. A beginner needs to work on it’s social existence.

v. Industry is expanding out

If you’re thinking of going to London, New York, Paris or anywhere else to find a design job then it’s not a problem. With the latest technologies and trends the design industry is being expanding making the world a lot smaller. You can find creative agencies, animation department and studios even in smaller cities. Instead of thinking where to work think about where to live and start working from there.

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