Why is it the best Time To Pick Up Mobile App Developer Now

Having a smartphone is akin to holding the whole world in your palm. The incredible power of this amazing device is due to the number of uses it can be put to. Today’s smartphone is several times powerful than its earlier Avatar. While the increase in RAM, processor and hard drive has given it the power, it is the apps that have given it the killer punch. Nowadays, there are apps for virtually everything in the market. For example, you want to invest in stock market, buy something, read the latest news, learn a new language, take amazing photos, or listen to scintillating music, you name it and you will find several applications related to it in the market.

This exponential growth in mobile application development has made mobile app developers the new blue-eyed boys/girls in the market. If your company is tech based and has mobile app development in its portfolio, it is wise to strengthen it further with some new talents. On the other hand, if your company does not have a mobile app division then it is losing big time on a golden opportunity. The reasons that you should hire a mobile app developer are many and we are listing only a few of them here for your ready reference.

1). Mobile development is still a niche market with few companies looking at it as their focus area. This gives you a great opportunity to hire them cheap. As more and more companies enter this segment, the wages will rise dramatically. Therefore, as the market is still evolving, hire some talented mobile app developers and weld them into a great team.

2). Mobile app development is the first stage. Asyour company gains more experience, you will go to the next level of becoming the overall service provider for mobile apps. However, to reach there you need to have a team of experts. They will not only create newer products but will resolve any issue pertaining to the existing apps. For this, you need to hire freshers in mobile app development. Being freshers, you can train them for a fraction of thecost that you have to pay if you hire an experienced app developer.

3). It takes a lot of time and effort to impart specific skills to an app developer. If you hire a young mobile app developer now then you will have the time to properly develop his/her skills through in-house training. This investment in your workforce now will be repaid in full and then some in the years to come.

4). Mobile app developers are distinct from other programmers. While most of the other programmers try to look at the whole picture, a mobile app developer will focus on solving some specific issue with the help of an app. This is why their talent is so scarce in the market. If you are in the mobile app development business, you should start looking for the person with the requisite talent.

5). Research shows that people are spending more and more time with their smartphones. Most of the time they are browsing the Internet or using some app to do some specific job. For mobile app developers, this is a huge opportunity to first find out what the average joe or jane is looking for. Then based on the finding develop an app which will allow people to get that specific thing.

6). If your company specializes in developing apps for smartphones, then you should know that people are constantly looking for better apps. If you have a team of mobile app developers, then you can exploit this situation. You should be on the continuous lookout for new opportunities of making existing apps even more productive. To do this you need a big team of app developers. And to have a big team of talented mobile app developers, you need a mix of freshers and experienced app developers.

7). For marketing and advertisement, mobile app developers are a godsend. If you have a big online marketing agency, you will need real-time data to target aspecific group of people. There are several apps in the market (like Amazon) that puts all the marketing information in one app. Therefore, if you want your client to know when the next big sale is going to happen or a new piece of item has come to the collection, a notification will be sent through the app. This is abrilliant way of personalised marketing. To develop such apps, you need the expertise of a good mobile app developer. If you want to outsource the job of developing an app, be ready to pay a steep price. If it is a one-off job then you can do it. However, if your company has to regularly build an app or improve the efficiency of the existing one, then hire a mobile app developer. It would be economical that way.

8). Mobile apps are a great way of giving something back to your customer as a reward for their brand loyalty. Your company can develop a mobile app and through it, you can give him some points after a certain number of transactions. The customer can then redeem these points on his next purchase.This way, you can target your rewards much better. This also improves customer engagements.

9). If your company does big data analysis, then it will require a lot of data to make accurate projections.And one way to gather information is to let people use some free mobile app. These apps are developed in such a way that they will do those jobs for which you are collecting information. For example, a retail site app through which people buy things give us information about peoples likes and dislikes. This information could be further refined and then given to the retail companies to better their balance sheet. And to develop such an app, you will need a mobile app developer as a part of your team that is doing Big data analysis.

All these show how important the job of a mobile app developer is in today’s work. And if you want to grow in the online business, then it makes sense to hire a mobile app developer and make him an integral part of your planning and execution team.

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