How the Role of Developers and Administrators is Likely to Change When Using Salesforce DX

Things will never be the same again once the Salesforce DX, the new product/ application that is on its way makes a formal appearance in the app development scene. The product is a welcome new approach that developers can use on the Salesforce platform, and take advantage of the best opportunities for modern software development.

Developers have faced difficult times in working on the Salesforce platform that posed many complexities, and the new product would surely put an end to it. There is an element of strangeness in the existing version of Salesforce DX because it does not support well features that are part of best practice in software development like continuous integration, version control, continuous deployment and end to end testing. The new launch will make these things easy to achieve, and developers would gain more strength from it to enhance productivity. In this article, we will explore how the new product would affect developers and administrators.

Version control

For making efficient use of the new product, you need to store the code and configuration in a VCS or version control system. When you store code and settings in the version control system, you can apply the source of truth to an org, update the configuration to go with the source of truth and overwriting settings. Effectively, deployments become much more reliable and safe to apply. The tools related to managing the source of truth are for developers only and for admins to work alongside developers there must be a proper process in place.

Code versus configuration

Although there is clear demarcation between the roles of admins managing configuration and developers managing codes, the ground reality is that developers must often share the responsibility of managing changes in configuration in an org. In the new product, developers can manage configuration outside the org, and this aspect is very appealing to developers who are keen to define a single source of truth, a place where the entire configuration and code is specified neatly, and the code is made to work with the settings.

Organizing changes

By following some guidelines, it is possible for admins and developers to work together with the new product. Everybody would like to take advantage of the ability of the new product to release changes rapidly and safely together with the admin’s ability to customize an org quickly, for which you must adhere to the following.

There must be good communication between admins and developers so that whatever changes the former does are added to version control by the latter. No variations in the configuration must occur directly in production, and you must route all deployments through version control.
By adopting the new product, developers would be at an advantage as they would be able to deploy features as soon as it is ready and would be able to check that any new change does not affect the existing behavior. Since the code and configuration fitment is guaranteed along with roll back, it makes deployments safer. Code sharing is easy, and it is even easy to debug by using the version control.

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