Best SEO Audit Tools to Perform On-page Website Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of enhancing the visibility of a website or the web pages in search results. Today, all the marketers and business entrepreneurs are utilizing this technique to improve the online presence of their website so that they can get huge attention and business prospects.

However, SEO is not a rocket science, it is done by employing a few strategies such as link building, content creation, keyword research, competitor analysis, keyword density, website page sped, meta and title tag analysis. Through this blog, we are going to focus on all the on-page SEO aspects and also let you know that what tools are beneficial for doing the perfect analysis of a website.

Let’s have a look at the given best on-page SEO audit tools:

1. Google Analytics

Ensures complete search insights and web stats.

Google analytics is referred as a complete web analytics tool which not only lets users measure sales conversions but also facilitate them by giving a fresh insight into how visitors use your site, what attracts them to the website and how can you keep them staying and coming to the targeted web page.
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2. Google Webmaster Tools

Provide constant website analysis, error reports and alerts.

If you want a detailed report for your website analysis, Google webmaster tool is the best companion. It improves the site visibility on search engine pages and allows webmasters to see how Google crawls your website and enlist different issues related to crawl errors, DNS problems, Malware warnings, server connectivity problems, dead links, etc. Moreover, it gives you a taste of what search engines think of your website and also helps you manage alerts, bugs and indexing issues.
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3. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Appropriate keyword research as per business stats

It is a free SEO audit tool which is preferred by marketers for keyword research. It is probably the best keyword research tool acclaimed by webmasters of all domains. This tool works as a researcher and helps to find out the relevant keywords by keenly analyzing the webpages and websites.
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4. BetterGraph Website Analyzer

Provide better analysis by addressing the issues of a website

BetterGraph is the most efficient tools used by many marketers to effectively address the SEO related issues for the proposed website. It also helps entrepreneurs by identifying the opportunities to improve the visibility of the website or particular web page.
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5. Google Page Speed Online

Properly analyze the speed and usability of your website on multiple devices.

It is the best and the most utilized tool for SEO practitioners. Google page speed online effectively analyze the content of the targeted web page and then generates suggestions to make the page faster. This also results in decreasing the bounce rate of the page and website as well.
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6. QuickSprout Website Analyzer

Complete analysis of your website

This tool is highly powerful and provides a comprehensive and quick report about everything like SEO optimization, keywords, tags, links, speed and even the competitors’ reports. SEO and top marketers are using this tool nowadays for the betterment of their business website.
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7. Schema Creator

Allows users to customize the way the search result appears

This is the best tool for on-page SEO optimization as it itself creates a custom code and helps webmasters get the search results displayed the way they want on search engines.
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8. Copyscape

Provides complete checks for plagiarized content.

With this tool, finding the duplicate content becomes easier. You just have to enter the website URL or the text and Copyscape will highlight the content and let you know that where else this content has existence over the web. This also helps in preventing the content fraud and theft.
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9. XML Sitemap Generators

Build a Sitemap with valid XML tags

To create the Sitemap for your website, you simply need to enter the URL of your website and this tool helps you create a Sitemap that you can easily upload to the Google Webmaster Tools.
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10. Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Effective analysis of website broken links

This is a PC based spidering software or tool which performs checks to determine the broken links of the website and its pages. Along with it, the tool provides accurate results of the validation of text links, local image maps, frames, images and backgrounds.
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Summing Up:

All the above-mentioned on-page SEO audit tools are utilized all over the market by many entrepreneurs and digital marketers. Hope the given list proves helpful to you and your business. You can freely use these tools and make your website completely optimized for the web.

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