10 Invoice Generators for Small Business

Being a small business owner, keeping your invoice up to date is important. Apart from it being the sole use method through which your customers and clientele will pay you, it is also important for your yearly tax auditing. Having a simple and well-presented invoice will make you look professional. So, you just have to make sure that you are using the right invoice tool for your company. In order to make your search simpler, here are 10 best invoice generators for small businesses:

1. Invoice Home

Invoice Home is an easy to understand and simple invoice generator crafted for small entrepreneurs and freelancers. It is a great solution when you need to send an invoice for instant payment. Invoice Home provides you with more than 100 custom invoice templates to select from as well as to include a personalized logo for professional look. It also has facilities like backup and restores your invoice history to permit you to keep a track of your invoices.

It has plethora of features like you can add the “Click to Pay” button and get paid in minutes via PayPal. It provides you with facilities like-

• Auto numbering
• Template designing,
• 150 currency symbol support
• Unlimited plans
• Variable taxes.

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2. Sighted

A fully personalized invoice and quote service which permits you to keep a track of your payouts and get paid fast via different channels in variety of currencies. It permits you to organize your expenditures in segments and keep an eye on your income and expenditures. Sighted offers a number of plans, one of it is Starter Plan. It comprises of:

• Profit and loss report
• 10 clientele
• Multiple currency support
• 20 invoices per month
• Online mode of payment

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3. Due

Due is well known for its amazing speed and the capability to lower down the transaction expenses via low-priced credit card. The site allows customized, proficient invoices and sends them to clientele and customers in the manner they desire. The dashboard of Due is simple and easy allowing you to handle your invoices and payouts easily. The site renders:
• Personalized invoice features
• International payment modes and different currency support
• Cloud storage
• Time track
• SSL encryption security
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4. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is very simple and one of the most famous invoice generators in the market. It allows you to automate your invoice so that you can focus on other things of your business. You can request deposit from customers via Freshbooks. It has plans supporting different features like tax calculation and capacity to see when the client has witnessed the invoices.

• Auto pilot mode to generate invoices automatically.
• Tax calculation
• Check when the client has seen your invoices
• Direct deposits from clients

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5. Hiveage

Also called Curdbee, it is yet another platform to generate invoice for small businesses with amazing number of smart features. Apart from the normal billing services, branded and beautiful invoices, quote services and different payment modes, Hiveage provides you a chance to handle several teams with one login. You can also manage expenses, mileage and track time.

• Paid monthly and yearly plans
• Different invoice templates
• Range of payment options
• Quote service

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6. Zoho

Zoho offers you more than just normal invoicing. It includes services like:
• Marketing
• Sales
• Business procedures
• Coordination and collaboration
• Email

Zoho is free for those looking for invoice up to 5 clients per months. With other plans, you can go for more clients. Some of the features it offers are:

• Automated billing
• Live reports
• Branded invoices
• Track time
• Collaboration with team members

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7. Wave

Wave provides you the chance to create personalized invoices and quotes for your clients. Wave tools render services for invoicing, accounting, credit card payouts as well as updated payroll. The best thing is that it is for free. Some of the features are;

• Automated tax calculations
• Send automated reminders to customers for payments
• Reveal when the invoices are being checked by the client.
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8. Harvest

Harvest is an amazing tool with more than invoice facilities. It also permits you to create teams and projects and track time for it. It allows you to track team members, time sheets and ensure that the projects are delivered on time and in the right budget. Some of its features are:

• Compatibility with over 80 famous applications to help you integrate everything in one place without changing the manner in which your team runs.
• Track team members
• Track time.
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9. Billdu

Billdu allows you to create your business page, get new customers and receive feedback and ratings. It has a number of plans and you can it for free for a short time period. It allows you to invoice your clients, estimate budget, send payment reminders and receive quick payments. Some of its features are:
• Get reports on expenses
• Track inventory
• Create automated invoices
• Export invoices
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10. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is great for generating customized invoices with your company’s logo on it. Right from creating email, PDF invoices to sending and getting paid, you can do everything here.
• Features 4 invoice template designs in the free plan
• Supports 30 payment gateways.
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Wrapping Up

Commencing a small business is tedious and so is the cost of paying an accountant for your invoices. With the help of invoice tools, you can easily create your invoices, get paid in different currencies, find you taxes and expenditures and do a lot more.

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