Why Magento is Best E-Commerce Platform?

Magento is considered the best Content Management System (CMS) platform for building e-Commerce websites. Right now Magento is used by so many large enterprises and brands for their e-store. Now we will discuss some of the reasons why Magento is best online shopping platform available today :-

Created for e-Commerce

Magento was created to be an e-Commerce platform since the beginning while WordPress and other such CMS platforms were built for other features like blogging etc. Some of the major e-commerce features which are inbuilt in Magento are:- User dashboard, Inventory management, Allows bundling of products, Inbuilt cross sells and upsell capabilities, Supplier management, CMS option, Newsletters etc. Magento is not only e-commerce friendly but it is also designed to ensure that it is easy to use and work with.

Easy Integration

Although CMS platforms have core functionalities but not all solutions are solved within the system. There is always needed for other apps or plugins to make working with the CMS platform easier. The Magento e-Commerce platform has an advantage that it can easily be integrated with readymade plugins and apps from other developers. Magneto’s APIs can also be extended to connect to different applications like shipping, tracking, analytics, payment gateways etc.

Easy to Customize

There are many industries and they use CMS platform to fulfill their different needs. It means what works with the fashion industry may not work with the furniture industry. Magento e-Commerce platform gives its users the much needed flexibility to customize it based on their specific requirements. Magento is an open source platform and built primarily for e-Commerce and is highly modular and customizable. Hence Magento enables you to retain the robust back end while modifying the front end to give your users a pleasurable and efficient experience.

SEO Friendly

Magento is not only the best e-Commerce platform but it is also SEO friendly. It hosts all of your information and also helps your websites so that they can show up in the search results on search engines.
You can easily configure Magento e-Commerce platform to offer metadata and descriptions for the products and categories, sitemaps for search engines, control over URLs and so on. Magento’s source code comes with inbuilt feature of all of this information to make its customers transition easy and saves lots of your time to make it search engine friendly.


In today’s age, websites cannot afford to load slowly. Users want instant information and want web pages to load instantly else they will move to the next website. Hence you need a solution which can collects all the data, enables you to cache data, retrieves data in no time and gives you the tools to make sure you succeed in the e-commerce space. Magento users can use Varnish extension which can accomplish all of these tasks and gives such a Magento e-commerce site which can load quickly.

Magento is Open Source

There are 3 versions namely Magento Community Edition which is free, Magento Enterprise Edition which is paid and Magento Go that is paid and hosted on Magento’s servers. Magento Community Edition is the most popular version. Magento has a large community that is active and supports their own developers and user community. You can download and install this online shopping platform for free and then you can also install extensions and do a lot of customization using Magento Connect Marketplace. As Magento is open source hence it is updated from time to time making it even more secure and reliable and makes it protected from hackers. If anytime you face any issue while using Magento, you can easily resolve that with the help of the Magento Community through forums on internet.

Mobile Friendly

In today’s age, use of mobile phones especially smartphones is increasing at fast pace. Now more and more people are accessing internet using their mobile phone rather than desktops. Hence now it has become very important for the online shopping websites to be mobile friendly. Magento e-Commerce platform comes packed with mobile friendly technology so that it’s customers can use the websites to buy the products and also they can get the best experience while accessing them using smartphones.

Analytical and Tracking

Magento e-commerce platform has its own analytical and tracking tool called Magento’s Business intelligence. This tool is fully customizable and can be used by both technical as well as business users.

As we have just discussed, if you will use Magento e-commerce platform then it will lead to your customer’s growth. We have discussed so many benefits of Magento platform therefore Magento is the best platform for e-commerce business right now.

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