Best Social Networks for Developers 2017

Gone are the days of a software developer hunching over a computer at wee hours. Times have changed and social media is now the trending medium for software IT outsourcing. Whether you have got doubts regarding a simple code question, be it HTML or PHP, or want to crack that elaborate collaborative code project for your company, social media comes with its own collaborative tools, resources, forums and communities. As a result, you question and share your doubts, solve with your peers and learn. Check out the list of the popular social network sites made just right for software developers.

1. Stack overflow

Stack Overflow is a community-based resource where you can share your queries regarding any software development or programming issue. It works as a basic “FAQ” site, and belongs to the Stack Exchange network of the same. Since it’s a public forum, your answers would be voted upon, which helps retain quality and reliance. The only thing to keep in mind is that you need to be extremely clear and detailed when asking questions, as it is difficult to solve a programming question with little to no details.

2. Top Coder

As the name suggests, Top Coder is helpful for engineers and software developers alike. Apart from getting your doubts cleared, you can enter different development competitions in return for a prize. The key is to keep coding, and winning prizes as this can earn you a great reputation, and gain you preference for a job opportunity.

3. GitHub

Originally created to simplify sharing coding solutions, GitHub has now become a well-known web-based hosting service for software development. Being one of the best extensions of the GitHub revision control system, GitHub is considered great for collaborative and social software developers. You have a full range of resources to choose from such as development news feeds, secured repositories and inline editing. Moreover, you also get to choose from commercial and free accounts to work with open-source projects.

4. DZone

DZone has been declared as one of the most popular developer link-sharing websites on the internet. This is because DZone provides the user with complete and valuable information regarding any kind of software development. Useful for software developers and engineers alike, it is considered as a dependable and invaluable option to get immediate information. You also have a community-based platform when you can ask questions, get solutions and retain an engaged and happy audience. Moreover, if you are a community member, you can even discover and share the latest and popular techie information from all over the world.

5. Snipplr

Snipplr was designed to solve the problem of having too many random bits of code and HTML scattered all over computers. Basically it’s a place to keep code snippets stored in one place for a better organization and access to them. Also, user’s can access each others’ code librarys. It allows its users to make their code accessible from any aomputer and easier to share.

6. Better Codes

The aim of Better Codes is to create a community of like-minded software developers. Better Codes is a community-based platform where you can share ideas with fellow software developers. One can even create collaborations related to coding, and maybe create a code that really works. Developers will be able to find new development-relevant information on specific social networking sources to test their software and receive feedback from all over the world.

7. is a social sharing website just for software developers where you can post, tag and share any kind of developer-related information. Such information could include your own thoughts, pieces of code, plug-ins or anything else you like. Similar to a normal social networking site, followers can see and share what’s posted on your timeline. Beginners can create a account for free, but can later upgrade to a premium service for greater privacy and unlimited posting.

8. Snipplr

Snipplr is an organizational tool that collects all the random bits of code and HTML from your computer, and stores in one place for later use. One can thus store all their frequently-used code snippets neatly together which can then be accessed from any computer. Other users can have a look at your code library, and you can check out similar code libraries and other posts as well.

9. Geeklist

Geeklist is another global developer platform that allows you to discover and connect with your fellow software developers and share your achievements. One can share developer-specific resources and links with each other, which helps build community spirit, build workplace credibility and express credit where it is due.

Wrapping Up

With the help of all these resources, software developers find it simpler, and much more fun to share their views and feats with the rest of the world. When work is done in such a convenient and interesting manner, software IT outsourcing becomes an enjoyable task as well. Thus, more and more innovation and creativity happens in the software arena leading to greater development.

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