Ways to Select a Domain Name Which is Perfect for Branding and SEO

Whether you’re commencing a new company, launching a new brand or trying to make present an existing brand online, you need a website for everything. Domain names make a big impact on the internet with regards to click through rate, right from social media to search results, brandability, referring links, to offline advertising to type in traffic. Your domain name affects your online marketing and branding and you surely cannot ignore it:

1. Let it be pronounceable

Well, the question is why is it so important to make your domain name pronounceable? Usually people will type it or click a link. It is necessary because of processing fluency! A rational bias that people have where people think of things and have more connective links with them when they can easily say and think of it. It also includes pronounce ability. It differs on the region and language that you’ve targeted. If you fail to say the name easily, you’re will lose processing fluency, advantages of brandability as well as memory of your domain name.

2. Let it be short

Length is important due to the processing fluency that you have talked about in the above para. The lesser characters a domain name, the simpler it is to type, share, say and more it is used on social media platforms and search results. Remember, the shorter it is, the better are the results.

3. Let it be intuitive

A perfect domain name provides people a hint about what your website is all about. Just by looking at the domain name, you could possibly guess, the working of the site. This is basically what company is doing. It is a big win. Perfectpasta.com is obviously describing about pasta and anyone can figure it out.

4. Make use of broad keywords

Using keywords in your domain name is very important from SEO point of view. The anchor text you receive from people help you link to your domain. If you can mention a keyword in your domain name, it will make it obvious about what your site is about. However, they have lost their significance in 2017. Now people do not go for PastaRecipe.com, rather they choose a broader name like Gusto.com. It looks way more branded.

5. Let it be brandable

Brandable means that when you see or hear a domain name, it appears like a brand. It means you do not have to include number or hyphens as they do not sound like brand. It is not a coincidence but almost all large companies opt for brandable names or domain like Yahoo, Apple, Google, Amazon, Uber etc.

It is advisable to find a reliable place to purchase brandable domains. The simplest way to choose a reputed place for premium and brandable domains is BrandableHQ. You have hundreds of brandable domains which are registered, filtered along with a logo for you from before. All you have to do is choose the one which matches your requirements and you’re good to go.

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