What are the Important WordPress Maintenance Tasks?

Now as you have completed the development, designing and hosting of the WordPress site so what should be your next step? You cannot just sit back and watch the traffic coming. You have to think about the maintenance your site needs as if you have developed a wonderful site with wonderful design and features then it doesn’t mean that it will always stay like that. Especially for WordPress sites where most of the sites are official websites and blogging platforms, website owners may face many issues if the site is not maintained properly. Some of the issues which you can face are:-

• Increase in site loading time.
• Chances of getting hacked due to security loopholes which are created with passing time.
• Decrease in SEO ranking which will make your site less visible on search engines.
• Broken links damaging your Search Engine Optimization.
• Decrease in website traffic.

Also there is a lot of competition in the internet world. If you don’t maintain your website regularly then your rivals can take benefits out of it and can acquire your marketshare.

Research says if your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load then 40% of your site visitors will leave the site. And it is not just about page load speed, there are several other issues which can come up on an unmaintained website. They can hamper your business.

Here we will discuss those maintenance tasks which you should keep doing to keep running your WordPress site and business as usual.

Your WordPress site is a system which is made of several parts including your WordPress hosting, WordPress software itself, plugins and themes. On top of that, you have added your own content with text and images. Together they all create a website which is loved by your customers and visitors. This system needs to be properly maintained and looked after to ensure optimal performance. Here we are giving you simple maintenance tasks which you have to perform on regular basis to ensure that your website is working well. If you run a busy website with lots of traffic then every three months otherwise for smaller websites with low traffic and content, you need to do these maintenance tasks every six months.

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Change All your WordPress Passwords

You should always use strong and complex unique passwords for all of your online accounts including your WordPress site, FTP accounts and for database as well. But if you are already using strong passwords and still they are compromised then there are chances that you may even not notice it.

That’s why WordPress security experts recommend changing your WordPress passwords regularly including passwords for your WordPress admin panel, FTP or SSH accounts and your WordPress database password.

Taking Complete Backup of your Website

Cloud Service Concept Isolated on grey Gradient Background. Vector Illustration EPS 10.

Creating backups are one of the most important task to do for WordPress sites. There are many great WordPress backup plugins which you can use to automate the WordPress backup process.

Sometimes you may need to manually run your backup plugin to create a complete backup of your website. After taking backup, you should store the backup files at proper remote location like Google drive.

Update all WordPress files

WordPress has an inbuilt system to manage updates for WordPress core, plugins and themes. To make your site more secure, you should always use the latest version of WordPress, themes and plugins.

Sometimes you may miss an update then you should go to the WordPress updates page to manually check for updates and review all your installed themes and plugins to make sure that they are updated to their latest version as well.

Delete all of Spam Comments

You can automatically mark spam comments by using a plugin. But sometimes it may end up marking a valid comment as spam. Hence you should also check from time to time that no real comments are market as spam. Once you check that then you can delete all spam comments from your website. It may or may not improve performance but it is to make sure that you don’t miss out real comments.

Check and Test all your WordPress forms

Beautiful forms can be created on your website using WordPress Form builder plugins like WPForms. Sometimes due to some misconfiguration settings, there forms may suddenly stop sending emails. Hence you should check all forms on your websites to make sure that they all are working properly.

Optimize your WordPress Database

WordPress saves most of data in your WordPress database which contains all of your content, comments, settings and users. Overtime you database may collect a lot of unnecessary data which increases your WordPress backup sizes and may affect uploading, downloading and restoring backups. Hence you should optimize your WordPress database to clean up unwanted data such as defragment tables. This will improve the database performance.

Optimize Images on your WordPress website

Generally, images take long time to load hence they decrease your page load speed. Some of them you can notice while doing performance checkup but some of them you may miss. Some of the authors may not be as careful about image sizes as you are. If you add image and media library review to your WordPress maintenance checklist then you can resolve this issue. You can use this check to find out images which can be reduced in size.

Fix the Broken links

When your website will grow then you will realize that some of the external websites which you linked to in your older articles do not exist now. Sometimes you can accidentally add broken images, poor formatted links or misspell your own links. This can cause bad user experience and can affect website’s bounce rate. Hence you need to check your website regularly for broken links.

The Content Update and Search Engine Optimization

You should regularly review your content thoroughly as this is where the data from Google search console and Google Analytics comes in. Google Analytics can show you where your visitors are coming from and what they are doing on your site. Also you can analyze this data to discover the content on you site where users are coming but are not converting into customers. You can use plugin to set particular keywords as focus keyword and it will analyze your content for that keyword. You can always improve your content by adding new information, images and linking to it from other pages on your site.

Running Performance Tests

So many of the users optimize their WordPress performance at the beginning but forget it later. As you keep adding new content, install new plugins, or change your theme hence these things can affect the performance of your WordPress site. Faster websites are liked by visitors and also they help you improve the website’s performance on search engines. That’s why you should regularly do a thorough performance review of your website.


These were the most important WordPress maintenance tasks which you need to perform regularly on your WordPress site. This will ensure you the increased traffic on your site and increased conversion rate which will surely help you in your business while keeping your site safe, secure and reliable.

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