10 Travel Accessories That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, we are very much in the peak of the summer season and for many of us, it’s time to take the vital summer break. While there would be many attractive activities lined up for the holiday season, there’s nothing quite as relieving as the perfect travel plan. We are sure you would agree to this. On an average, more than half of the entire populations in Great Britain schedule their leisure trips in summer according to this article.

While travelling seems to be the right option, it’s quite the norm to forget to pack in the right materials for the right time. And to assist you in making your travel a strain-free one, we list down 10 important accessories that you must carry along:

1. GPS navigation device

Could be a life saver on its day! Especially for those who are planning for a trip that includes visiting regions that are secluded and isolated from the populated areas and may not have access to tour guides. A GPS navigation tool is nothing but easy to use handheld equipment with maps and routes pre-installed in it. Most of the modern GPS devices are pre-loaded with maps and have the additional functionality to download new maps as per your requirement. These can then be used offline in areas where internet facilities are not so easy to find.

2. Electrical adapters.

Imagine visiting your dream destination after months and years of savings, and ending up with an adapter cable that is not compatible with the country’s electrical sockets. Believe it or not, this is one of the most common dilemma faced by travelers and even though, most of the hotels are well prepared to serve international guests, it is in your interest to carry a socket converter. A simple, two-minute long research on the internet will help you in identifying the right adapter to invest. Or you can even purchase an all-in-one universal adapter. To cut down on your research time, here is a list of plugs and sockets used around the world. Thank us later!

3. Power banks.

Note the plurality used. Because one is just not enough these days! Since most of our daily tasks have now become ‘E-TASKS’, our reliance on electrical gadgets have shot-up by a percentage that cannot be defined yet. From music to instant messaging, our smart phone takes the entire burden on its tiny shoulders. And to keep it up and running, we need a power source almost every couple of hours. The only practical solution to help you in keeping your devices up and running is to keep several power banks at your disposal. And to help you choose the right ones, Halfords promo codes brings you a wide variety to choose from.

4. Travel Pillow.

If you are a humble economy class travel (just like us), then we know how gruesome it gets during flights! Especially the ones scheduled during the early hours of the morning. The struggle to adjust in the right position to get a cozy nap is something we all have gone through. And if you are among those shy ones who do not find it easy to ask for a pillow, then this particular accessory is God’s gift to you. The travel pillow was designed not just for uncomfortable flights, but even for those scenarios where all you have is a small area where you can just about manage to rest your head! Just roll the pillow around your neck and let it do the rest.

5. Reading lights and torch.

Among the travelling essentials that we regret not to carry along after travelling a 1000 miles away from home are personal reading lights and torches. While a reading light will help you kill your boredom during night rides, a torch can be considered nothing less than a survival tool! In any circumstance, do not forget to pack this in your luggage.

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6. Bluetooth speaker.

Something that comes in handy in every situation. Whether you have a camp-fire night or just laying by the riverside, contemplating life, music helps you in setting the right mood for every occasion. Travelling solo or with a group; always remember to carry a Bluetooth speaker with you.

7. All-in-one makeup box

Nothing seems more satisfying than having your makeup along with you, at all times! And a makeup box with the most (if not all) essential accessories is all you need to give that perfect touchup to your travel clicks!

8. GoPro.

Speaking of the perfect travel clicks, the GoPro by Hero is fast becoming a must-have for the photography enthusiasts. It’s unmatched ability in handling aquatic areas and the rugged design makes it go a long way in the non-conventional genre of photography. You can even use it with gears that easily attach to your body or to your car/bike.

9. Inflatable travel bag.

Putting all your eggs in one basket, quite literally. Apart from its waterproofing quality, the inflatable bag can be one of the most vital travel kits for your small to medium sized accessories. Items like your smart phones, headphones, power banks, etc. can be stacked into a single bag without the hassle of carrying a large suitcase everywhere you go.

10. Night masks and Ear plugs.

Last, but not the least. Something your grandma would give you from her good old days of travelling. A night mask and a pair of earplugs are one of the oldest, and quite certainly, the most relaxing pieces of travel accessory. Just wrap them around your eye and your ears and forget almost everything. As they say, even the volcano that’s about to erupt in the Chilean backdrop seems avoidable with these heavenly gears.

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