10 Best Free Website Builders You Must Know

Everyone out there has a social media account. But if you need an internet presence to represent your organization or business, a customized website of your own is required. A custom website gives you control over the design, functionality, content and the brand you represent by it. Building a website does not need a thorough background of coding anymore. Free website building tools are now available online to create professional websites.

Let’s have a look at the best website building tools which are free to use.

1. SiteBuilder

SiteBuilder offers you an inspiring collection of professionally designed web templates without the need of any skill in programming languages to build a website.
• Free custom domain for life
• Drag and drop option for content and images in your template of choice
• You can set up unlimited email addresses in your domain
• Integrated SEO tools to increase visibility of the website
• Provision to add an e-commerce store in your website
• An inclusion for blog tab for active updates
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2. Wix

This is the best and popular website builder with excellent customer support.
• Free custom domain and SSL security
• A drag and drop website builder which is code-free
• SEO optimization is enabled
• Availability of professionally designed themes
• Responsive design with mobile editors
• Page level controls are enabled
• Easy restoration of website anytime
• Flexible integration of commenting system similar to Facebook
• Notifications are enabled
• It also lets you chat with visitors on your web page.
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3. Square space

This is also a drag and drop website builder with visually stunning designs. It enables you to play with templates without any coding knowledge.
• Sophisticated templates which give ultimate professional look to the website
• Responsive design for mobile app usage
• Full customization with extensive styling options
• 24/7 customer support is available
• Live chat option enabled
• It allows exporting content to WordPress for editing
• Allows restoration of content till 30 days after deletion
• Inbuilt Google ranking is provided and allows scheduling the publishing of posts ahead of time.
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4. IM creator

This tool is excellent for personal websites and small businesses.
• Simple and easy to use tool with SEO integration
• Responsive website with full control over margins and padding
• Unlimited bandwidth and hosting makes it good
• e-commerce integration with social apps and business apps
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5. Weebly

This is the best drag and drop website builder if your website is selling products online.
• Multiple product pages can be enabled with images and sub-images
• You can customize multiple product options for the customer to choose from
• Custom product description can be added
• Social sharing button is the prized edition in the website building
• Phone support is available
• Mobile app enables to edit from anywhere
• SSL certificate is included
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6. WordPress

If you are looking for a robust and functional website building tool then WordPress is the right choice with its feature rich version.
• Flexible and customized plug-in are available
• Flexible platform to modify the codes whenever you desire
• It is highly sought out by professionals with coding expertise
• A free domain with unlimited emails accounts and e-commerce site is available
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7. Jimdo

For a hassle-free e-commerce website, Jimdo is the viable choice to build a website.
• It is well organized with easy drag and drop option
• Wide choice of design templates
• Supports 8 languages
• Free domain name with SEO
• Mobile friendly with responsive designs
• Lets you build website from mobile app
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8. Webflow

A visually stunning web building tool to either design website from scratch or use existing templates is Webflow.
• Provides best UI to work with codes
• Responsive design for mobile-friendly users
• Experience brilliant animation designs in Webflow
• Automatic site backups are available
• Website mockups and app prototyping are enabled
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9. Strikingly

It is best suited for building one-page websites. It allows users to showcase clear and concise information.
• Free domain page with 5 GB monthly bandwidth
• Lets you create instant sections
• You can easily add mobile buttons
• Quick building website within 30 minutes is guaranteed
• Social media promotion is available
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10. Webnode

This web building app is targeted for personal websites and small company owners.
• Unlimited templates with inclusive images and media
• Easy user interface with language support for 20 different languages
• Good SEO
• Social media integration
• Backup and recovery is enabled
• Offers CSS editor for backend coding
Build a responsive website in a matter of hours without any technical knowledge on coding from various web building tools available for free online.
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