10 Apps That Will Fix Your Travel Deals

Trip planning can be really confusing, you may either forget packing some of the necessary things or miss grabbing the best deals when it comes to booking your flights or hotels.

With the advent of technology, Android and iOS devices could be found on every hand. So, why don’t you access the benefits that these computing devices come along with themselves? You do not need a travel guide anymore when your device can find everything from the device itself. You can find the best destinations, sight-seeing places, directions to reach them, book air tickets, rent cars and do a lot more with the availability of apps that come with awesome features and user-friendly interface. Weather app is also a significant constituent that ought to be present in the list of such apps as it keeps you updated with the regular weather reports so that you can remain notified with the thunder and precipitation alerts. This would prevent you to get stuck in a bad weather circumstance and change your plans accordingly.

Some of the best apps that would help in fixing your travel deals are as follows:

1. WeatherBug

It offers real time weather alerts, accurate forecasts, precipitation, temperature, local pressure, radar, heat index, humidity, UV, wind and more. This application has the largest professional grade weather network with animated weather map. The Doppler radar effect makes this app even more interesting among the users for the feature keep users alert about the range of precipitation and drizzle so that they can either skip their travel plan for that day or take their raincoats and umbrellas along with.
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2. Planchat

This app is the best for group travels. It features sight-seeing locations, restaurants, activity logs as well as keep a track of expenses during travel.
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3. Rebtel

Whatsapp and Skype would always be the choices for you when you need to make a call or message someone in your contacts. However, you need a Wi-Fi connection for that which may not be available to you everywhere. In that case, this app offers you the best and the cheapest provisions to make calls around the world, and that too, without connecting to the internet.
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4. Waze

It is basically a GPS navigation app that creates the most accurate and up-to-date road data. If you are travelling somewhere in an unknown place and is not aware of the traffic hotspots, this app can serve you at its best. Users can even opt it as a medium to share information about accidents, traffic and hazards.
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5. Google Trips

This app collects all the information from your Gmail notifications and inbox, then organises the entire trip for you automatically. The app even maps your day itineraries without maintaining a nasty pile of documented printouts. It also offers you suggestions about what to do and what to see.
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6. Tunnel Bear

If you want to keep your internet connection while travelling abroad or want to stream your things such as your 4oD and iPlayer, this app may work well for you. It is absolutely easy to use and you will simply love using it!
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7. Hopper

It helps you book your flights as well as notify you about how to get the best prices as well as to make the biggest savings. The app will send you a notification just as the price drops.
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8. Pack point

This automatically generates the packing list for your trip. All you need is to enter the destination, your date of travel as well as your length of stay at the place with a few details about your plans and activities. The app will make a list of things for the things you need to carry along with yourself.
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9. Rome2Rio

This app is the best one to choose when you want to avail transit connections. Route planning can be a bit complicated when you are travelling globally. This app is popular since it displays options like flights, ferry, bus, train, etc.
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10. Circa

This app helps you keep a track of time when you are travelling across multiple locations. The simple and soothing color palate and amazing design of the app make it comforting to the eyes.
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