Free Business Card Templates for Everyone

Business networking is all about making genuine and lasting connections. And despite the fact that people typically rely on technology to talk and connect to each other, nothing still beats face-to-face interactions. And this is probably why business cards are still widely used and preferred today.

In every business setting, whether in a meeting or a conference, it’s always good practice to have a well-made and professional business card handy. You also have to be sure to have a good supply stashed with you, since you will be giving out your contact information as you introduce yourself to potential partners and grow your network. This is, after all, still the most preferred way because it shows sincerity and professionalism.

It’s also good business practice to hand out business cards instead of asking people to just write your contact information down on their phones or hastily write your details on the first scrap of paper you see. Therefore, it pays to invest in an impressive and professional-looking business card that perfectly reflects your brand.

Free Business Card Templates is a free resource providing business card samples in the form of templates for Photoshop that you can use for your own needs. These are not blank business card template designs as all templates are professionally designed and are created for various jobs and industries. The business cards are sorted into different categories so you can find the perfect one for you, whether you’re a hair stylist, mobile app entrepreneur, or a multinational company executive. Whatever work designation you have in whatever industry, there’s a template for you.

What’s great about is that you don’t need to sign up or subscribe and pay fees in order to gain access to the hundreds of templates. You simply go to the portal and choose the template that best resonates with your company or brand.

Every template in the site has a clear, high-definition preview of the front and back designs of the cards. This gives you a great view of what exactly the business card template looks like. You can also picture your own name and title as well as company logo on the card for better visualization. Aside from the previews, each template also has a review and description. On the get-go, you can see easily just what the template is all about and what kind of business or industry it goes best with.

Save Time and Money with Free, High-Quality Business Cards

Having these free business card templates for download anytime is a great time-saver. You don’t have to design your own business card from scratch or go looking for a professional designer to design a business card.

Aside from time, you also save a lot of money. Whether you’re a single self-employed professional, like a freelance accountant or independent make-up artist; or maybe you’re a business owner of a growing company, having one template to use for all your employees is convenient and economical. All you have to do is to download the template and edit it in Photoshop. Furthermore, all the templates are high-definition and professionally done, with on-trend designs that will definitely impress your business contacts.

Quickly and Easily Customize Card Designs using Photoshop

Even if you’re not a Photoshop expert, customizing the business card designs is easy, so don’t be intimidated. All the templates have separate editable elements for greater customization options to make sure that your final product fully reflects your brand—as if it is indeed professionally bespoke for your company.

To edit the template, just download it from the portal and make sure you have Photoshop installed on your computer. Then, open the file in Photoshop. From here, you can go over the various layers that are in the Layers palette. You will notice that every element in the business card design has its own layer. You can manipulate any layer you want to change the look of your own business card. For example, you can use Blending Options to add shadows, change the color overlay, add bevels, or put strokes. You can also take this chance to play around with Photoshop’s wide range of features and effects to make your business card template truly yours.

As for the text, you can find the text layers still in the Layers palette. Just use the Text tool and click on the text you want to change and just type in your own name, address, contact numbers, company, title, and other details.

Finally, you can add your company logo. If you notice in the template, there is already a sample logo. You can delete this and then insert your own company logo. Resize as necessary to position the logo correctly in the design. is the perfect website when it comes to downloading templates for creating your very own professional business card. Try out their templates today by visiting the portal and downloading your own high-quality template at

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