Best WordPress Content Marketing Plugins

The act of managing online content to achieve marketing goals can be described as Content Marketing. The goal of content marketing involves engaging the online audience with a company to make desired profit. 57% of marketers find Content Marketing as their major priority, while it is used by more than 80% of businesses.

The process of content marketing involves furnishing and distributing content that will attract the target audience. For an effective content marketing, you need to use a well-supported content management system. WordPress is such a platform that is enriched with the variety of powerful plugins. When executed properly, content marketing benefits with desired results of business goals with the help of affordable plugins solutions.

I’ll describe you some necessary plugins to make content marketing in WordPress more successful and convenient.

1. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a more advanced, feature-packed plugin that allows you to organize your content marketing strategy efficiently. It is one of the best strategic tools for WordPress. CoSchedule allows you to build an editorial calendar, schedule posts, and even schedule social media posts. This tool prevents you from using multiple plugins and helps in improving your workflow, promotion planning and manage social sharing.

If you’re looking to save your time, add CoSchedule right to your WordPress dashboard. It helps you to plan, create and publish all your content quickly. You can promote content on social media channels easily with CoSchedule. You can view top posts, social sharing analytics and collaborate with team members. To manage all your content effectively, integrate it with additional tools.
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2. Editorial Calendar

The Editorial calendar is one of the most popular WP plugins for planning and organizing effective content marketing. Having half a million active installs, the plugin has the ability to drag and drop posts and even edit scheduled posts right in the calendar, so that you can have a quick view of your posts to be live.

WordPress doesn’t allow scheduling easily but Editorial Calendar has a user-friendly interface that helps you in getting an overview of your scheduled posts and organize posts from different authors.
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3. Edit Flow

Edit Flow is a bit more advanced plugin that creates content marketing workflow match the challenges of modern times. The plugin has the modular functionality which includes an editorial calendar.

It is very helpful for those companies who possess the whole marketing team because it can help keep multiple team members on track. Choosing the preferable module, your specific team can deliver feedbacks on posts through comments, editorial metadata, notifications, story budgets, and user groups.
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4. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most important SEO plugins that improves your site’s visibility in the various search engines whether it is Google, Yahoo, or Bing. It is a plugin which provides optimization recommendations that help you in driving traffic to your website. It also helps you create SEO supported keywords and meta description to your site.
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5. Easy Content Templates

If you are new to blogging and your content marketing program comprises multiple blog posts then Easy Content Templates plugin is for you. You can define templates for once and apply it to both new or existing posts. It saves your time and prevents from starting fresh each time.
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6. MailChimp Plugins

If you want to take lead and increase the no. of subscribers, install MailChimp for WordPress plugin on your website. MailChimp is preferred when it comes to e-marketing and gets prospective clients onto your own communication channel i.e email because it helps in growing your e-mail list.

Depending on its functionality that you’re looking for, there are a number of different MailChimp WordPress plugins including MailChimp Forms by MailMunch, MailChimp for WordPress, Easy MailChimp Forms, and MailChimp List Subscribe Forms.
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7. ImageInject or WP Inject

ImageInject, formerly WP Inject is a plugin that fulfills content marketing image requirements. It injects relevant images within your blog posts in no time, making your blog posts attractive. You can select from a database containing thousands of images that are free online and then insert it as your post’s featured image. It even helps you apply the required attribution links next to your image.
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Summing up

There are many things to consider for successful content marketing such as creating content, adopting some necessary WordPress plugins, SEO optimization, building email lists, exploring social media channels etc. When it comes to select what plugins can help you in achieving your goal, I have tried to assist you with some important plugins from the thousands of plugins available. But the plugins mentioned above will only help you in your content marketing strategy if you create good content. Creating contents that people find helpful is always important.

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