Top 10 Mobile Application Development Tools in 2017

From last few years, more than 70 percent people have shifted their needs and luxuries to smartphones, which further has given rise to the businesses to provide services through their personalized mobile application development tools. Further, this is the reason why the market is growing more development tools which can create applications capable of running on all types of mobile platforms.

On the other hand, the main emphasis of developers is to create new app tools which are compatible with all platforms like Google Play, windows and iPhone and for this they take proper android training before starting any launching any new app or tool.

Below mentioned is the list of top 10 mobile application development tools in 2017:

1. Xamarin

One of the best and most commonly used application development tool is Microsoft Xamarin. It is very powerful among the various tools as it enables developers to build apps for various types of operating systems and that too by using a single programming language.
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2. PhoneGap

PhoneGap is the other platform for application development tools which is based on cloud. It is basically based upon Apache Cordova. Further, it is best suited for other mobile applications that usually don’t make much use of phone’s native features.
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3. Appcelerator

This is the other superb and innovative mobile application development tool which helps in building native apps by making just one Java script code base. This app basically provides you with the web content in their native application and further ensures that their code does not get wrapped anywhere.
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4. Kony

Another very useful mobile application development tool is Kony, which moves across the whole software development cycle. It is basically based on cloud and we all know cloud services are scalable and can be easily adjusted as per the demands of users.
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This mobile application tool offers us some simple ways to create apps and further, it’s not only limited to mobile platforms, but it also works best for Windows and Linux. It basically allows the developers to create a single code based data and applies to the required platforms.
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6. RhoMobile

Next app in the list of top 10 is RhoMobile suite and it is based on Rhodes framework. It is basically a set of tools which helps in developing multi platform, data centered and enterprise based applications.
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7. Corona

This is the other beautiful app which offers various codes to build games for Android and iOS devices. It builds simple codes of few lines which helps in running your game. Its framework is also supported by HTML and various other programming languages.
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8. Sencha Touch

Sencha touch is the other very commonly used mobile application development tool which can be used to build various efficient applications making by making use of acceleration techniques. Further, it is also capable of building large business applications.
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9. Appmobi

This tool offers a platform which can deliver various types of apps for mobile and chrome. It is superb because it supports many languages like HTML, Java and many more. With this app you can directly build apps straight from the browser and it also provides security until the app delivered to the app store.
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10. Alpha

Last but not the least is Alpha anywhere which basically focuses on the enterprise and can be used to produce apps for various major mobile operating systems. Its recent update also allows its users to create apps which can be used offline without any hassle.
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So, these are the best and top 10 mobile application development tool in 2017. Choose the one which suits your needs the best.

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