Top 6 Mobile Development Tools for Developers

Mobile Web Design offers itself as a starting point for those who are interested in the future of the mobile web.When designing for mobile devices, designers and developers need to think about more than just aesthetics. The portability of mobile devices has placed a much greater need on designers to understand the context of use, and how using your phone on a train for example, can influence a users experience and focus.

For interactive designers and developers, the mobile revolution is here. Mobile browsers have been around since the ’90s, but Apple’s launch of the iPhone in 2007 enlightened us to the true potential of handheld mobile devices and became the catalyst for today’s mobile explosion.

With continuous introductions of more powerful and usable touchscreen phones and tablets stimulating the rapid growth in mobile browsing, companies can no longer afford to ignore the mobile experience associated with their brand. Creating websites for mobile devices requires a different way of thinking than traditional websites. One must think about the limitations of the mobile web such as : small screen size and data input and analyze different approaches for dealing with those issues.
Mobile sites have to perform well, look great, and deliver significant user value on under-powered computers that use tiny screens with limited bandwidth (you know, smartphones). Pulling this off isn’t easy and it requires that Mobile Web Design and development both inform and guide each other. Design that is unappealing will turn off the most technically efficient site, while great design is largely irrelevant when implemented on a rickety development foundation. The success or failure of mobile websites is most often attributed to how well these two disciplines are balanced

Ratchet : iPhone App Prototyping with HTML-CSS-JS

Ratchet is an open source toolkit for easily prototyping iPhone apps using web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). It has lots of iOS-looking components like buttons, forms, bars, lists, toggles, sliders, etc. that can be inserted to the prototypes with few lines of code. The download package is just the template files and the components library. Creating layouts is very easy and their look can be customized with CSS.

Nimbuskit : An iOS Framework

NimbusKit is an open source iOS framework, mostly for experienced developers, that consists of various components. The components are all modular, well-documented and aim to fill frequently-used but missing features. Some of the components are: rich text label with hyperlinks, web view controller; an approach to table models, radio groups, table actions and more.

SwipeView : Infinite Carousels for Mobile Web

SwipeView is a simple-yet-effective JavaScript library for creating infinite (looping) carousels. The carousel is built for the mobile browsers and has multiple advantages for the mobile platform. It is standalone, only works for horizontal sliders, can be used for any HTML content and, as expected, there is touch support.

ViniSketch Designer

ViniSketch Designer is a free software for visually creating mobile applications using web and native technologies. It only works with Mac OS X and provides visual editors for designing the GUI + dataflow besides a code editor to customize the stuff in detail. There is a built-in simulator and debugger which is based on the WebKit’s WebInspector. The apps created are compatible with iOS + Android and other platforms are under development.

jqmPhp : HTML Code Generator for jQuery

jqmPhp is an open source project that aims to simplify using jQuery Mobile with PHP. It is a pack of PHP classes that can generate the HTML outputs which jQuery Mobile is expecting within few lines. The classes are on separate files (with names parallel to the JQM’s features) so you can choose to only use the necessary ones.

6. Enyo : A JavaScript Framework for Desktop & Mobile

Enyo, the JavaScript framework which was created to power the apps on HP’s TouchPad, has recently reached v2 and now offers cross-platform compatibility rather than only webOS (as v1 did). The new Enyo supports both desktop + mobile, works in all major browsers and comes with a broad set of cross-platform UI widgets + a powerful layout library for building apps.

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