Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers to Try in 2017

WordPress is undoubtedly the most widely utilized Content Management System (CMS) for website building. Many businesses choose WordPress to build their site because of its plugin architecture. You can choose from thousands of WordPress plugins available. Each plugin offers customizable functions and feature. You just have to choose the best plugins that will suit your needs.

WordPress plugins are great tools to design a website and expand the functionality of your site. You can get free and premium WordPress plugins. Most plugins are created as freemiums. Freemium plugins are free plugins with an option to upgrade to the premium version if you want to take advantage of the advanced features.

Let’s take a look at the 7 best WordPress plugins for your WordPress site.

1. MailChimp (Freemium)

MailChimp is one of the most prevalent email marketing services for managing subscribers, tracking results, and sending emails in bulk. It is such a great marketing tool for all business owners. MailChimp for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to enhance subscription forms in your WordPress blog. Get the premium version if you want to use this plugin for commercial purposes. MailChimp for WordPress supports major form plugins like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, etc. Install this plugin to instantly start your email marketing campaign.

2. Yoast SEO (Freemium)

Search engines are the primary sources of traffic for websites. As the number of search engine users steadily increases, the relevance of SEO also increases. Fortunately, an awesome plugin like Yoast SEO can guide you in creating better content. It can help you increase your ranking in search results. Design a website that focuses on creating SEO friendly content by utilizing Yoast SEO.

3. Jetpack (FREE)

This is a powerful and must-have plugin for every WordPress site. Jetpack offers a pack of remarkable features to make your website successful. Jetpack ensures your site’s security, performance, appearance, image optimization, traffic growth, and a lot more. This plugin features improved distribution which shares your published content automatically to other services like search engines. This helps increase your website reach and traffic. In addition, this plugin creates sitemaps so as for search engines to easily index your website. Most of all, Jetpack protects your site security by stopping force attacks. It monitors your website every 5 minutes for interruption or downtime and promptly reports all issues found.

4. Akismet (Freemium)

Akismet is a default plugin for WordPress. It is essentially an anti-spam plugin that assesses your site comments and then filters out spammy comments. This plugin keeps a status history for every comment so that you can check out the spammy comments that are found and remove suspicious links. Akismet is free for personal blogs and sites, but a monthly subscription is required for commercial sites. Besides anti-spam feature, the premium version provides advanced security solution.

5. Contact Form 7

Your “Contact me” page uses a contact form, and you no longer have to design a website form using special CSS coding. Just use the Contact form 7. This is a very simple, handy plugin for making different kinds of contact forms. By using contact form 7, you’d be able to add forms. You can definitely customize the input boxes and dropdown menus of the forms.

6. Wordfence Security (Freemium)

It is very crucial to keep your website safe from the hackers out there. Thousands of malicious malware are on the web, and they can attack any website. This is why you have to always keep your site safe and secure. Keep your site secure with Wordfence Security. Its firewall protection, malware blocking, scanning, live traffic monitoring, and login security ensures that your site is protected. Design a website that’s safe from hackers by installing Wordfence Security.

7. Google XML Sitemaps

This is an additional SEO plugin for WordPress. This plugin supports search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. to better index your website with a unique XML sitemap. When you activate this plugin, an XML sitemap will be automatically created for your site to make it easier to index. This plugin notifies all major search engines the moment you publish content on your site.

Although the type of niche of your site mostly determines which plugins you need on your website, there are plugins that every WordPress site needs. SEO, security, and speed plugins are just some of the main concerns that one cannot simply afford to neglect.

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