8 Icon Design Tips For Beginners

Online business does not run always on your brand name. There must be something more engaging about your business, which will create a deep mark in your customers’ minds. And that’s when icon came into being. A proper icon is like an identity card for your business. Whether your customers remember the name of your business or not, they will never forget the icon, if it is attractive. And it is your duty to work more, to get that perfect icon design for your business.

Even before you plan to approach for the finest iconic design, there are certain prospective principles and guidelines, which are worth remembering.
It is not that hard to create effective icon designs, only when you have a holistic approach to it.

1. Check on your audience:

The design will depend on the kind of audience you are willing to attract. And that too depends on the kind of products or services, you are addressing. It is valuable for you to go for cultural considerations, while designing an icon. Depending on the age group and genre, the style requirements vary. And you should keep that in mind, before starting with your work.

2. Characteristics of object:

It is your duty to design an icon, which can be recognized immediately. For that, you have to highlight the characteristics of your services through the icon design, you have chosen. The things, you are dealing with, must be identifiable with the icon design, you have worked on with. So, it needs to be iconic in every single manner possible.

3. Check on the size:

You can only design a perfect icon, when you are satisfied with the size of it. If you even come across the terms when the icon is made in illustrator, then you have to scale design to use it in your required size. It might not work always. Therefore, your chosen icon design must have a base to it with own optimized thoughts to it.

4. Simple and versatile:

Keeping your icons simple and versatile is the key towards success. Too much of complications is rather time taking, and might not always work great for you. Therefore, try keeping the icon fairly simple, if you want them to bore a deep mark in customers’ minds.

5. Go for vector format:

It is interesting for you to create icon in their chosen vector format, as it needs to be applicable in multiple sizes. That helps in creating perfect looking design, which is free to be used for multiple purposes later. And it will definitely save some of your time.

6. Work on light and shades:

Just like in simple photography, lights and shades play a pivotal role in icon designs. And that will even help in creating a perfect 3D effect to it. Anything which is in 3D tends to attract more customers. And it will work in the same manner for your icon designs, too.

7. Consistent styles and icon:

Make sure to keep a consistent style to go well with the icon. And for enhancing the style of it, you might want to work on the perspective and lighting side a bit more. \

8. Inspirational notes to it:

For adding that extra meaning to your icons, you might want to go for designs with a bit of inspirational notes to it. That will attract more clients towards your site, and increase business demands, too.

Simple and effective icons can go a long way than those complex designs, which are hard to crack. Therefore, try considering these 8 significant tips in mind, before you start with your next icon designing project.

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