Send Mass Email Salesforce – Here Is How

Sending an email to a large number of people can cause major problems these days. In the first few years of the internet, there were no restrictions, and it was easy and safe to send an email to any number of recipients. However, as spam became an increasing problem and began to clog up inboxes, email providers started to put in place systems to fight this issue. Today if you try to send an email to a large number of recipients you may find that your email provider prevents you from doing so; or, if you do manage to get the email out, you run a very high risk of it being flagged as spam.

So, what’s the answer? Using a special email provider that is designed to send mass emails safely will mean you can send your emails out to as many people as you like at one time, without it being seen as spam. Using a service like send mass email Salesforce means you can get your emails through to each person just as if you had sent each email individually just to that one recipient. The Salesforce mass email system provides users with a variety of different options, depending on what their needs are.

Options For Send Mass Email Salesforce

The first set of options is the choice of user permissions that are needed in order to use the mass email service in different ways. There are three different user permission options: In order to send a mass email to leads, person accounts and contacts, you will simply need the basic mass email permission; to send mass emails to your coworkers, you will need the “manage users” option in addition to the mass email permission; and in order to log the mass emails you send in the Activity History related list, you will need the “Edit Tasks” permission option in addition to the mass emails permission.

The send mass email Salesforce service is very user-friendly and simple. The process is clear and easy with step-by-step instructions on how to get your emails out to a large number of recipients using the service. The first step is to choose the type of recipients you are sending the email to: contacts or person accounts; leads; or coworkers. You will then be able to select the list view of the recipients and click “go”. You will also have the alternative option of creating a custom view.

Once you have selected the recipients, you will click “next” and be given the opportunity to choose a template for the email you are sending. Once you have chosen the template, you will simply click “next” again. The next page will prompt you to select or deselect processing options such as including your signature if you have one, or copying yourself in using BCC for the email. The next step in the process is to choose whether you would like to send the email immediately, or to schedule it for sending at another date and time. The send mass email Salesforce process is fast, easy and safe, taking all risk out of sending emails out to large numbers of recipients at the same time.

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