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Nowadays, socializing has become a necessity. Whether you are a businessman or a small shopkeeper, how to create a website is the burning issue. Today everybody are going towards creating their own official site in order to increase their business chain. Establishing a business is a risky affair and once you gain profit and experience from it, then you can increase it by creating chains or socializing it online. To solve this purpose, nowadays many website builders are present in this world of technology. Earlier creating website was not an easy task, people used to create coding on note pad and used to design webpage through programming.
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Website builder is simple tools for constructing an official website. No manual coding is required in this technique. This is a user friendly guide for letting you establish your own personal or official website and the main advantage is that it does not require any prior knowledge or experience in creating it. These online web pages offer numerous options while creating new pages like number of templates, variety of backgrounds, their styles, colour, photo albums, comment option, backup option and many more. Their services vary from establishing a personal webpage limited to a person or small businessman to creating a complete business and e-commerce official websites for big firms. There are many such website builders available on internet, you just have to sign in on their website and then you can start browsing for your website accordingly. Some websites are free and do not charge anything from their customers but some are there, who charge per website, especially that sites which offer professional web designers in creating an offline website for more than one client or web host.
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As mentioned above, there are many website builders who provide you with the basic solution in creating your own website, either for yourself or for a business company. Constituting your business with a website and becoming social has become the utmost priority for a concerning business. If you are not well versed with new and advanced technologies, then the chances of losing your foot in the market increases. For this purposes, small as well as big businessman establish their web pages so as to create their own social identity in this non-stopping competitive business world. Hence, website builders help all such people in forming their identity in the market. Some common website builders are, BaseKit, IM Creator, Doomby, Silex Website builder,, and many more.
From the above mentioned website builders, one of the most common and highly preferred website is It is one of the best website designer which is used worldwide among million of daily customers. Though it was founded in 2006 but with its growing popularity, its demand has increased from 3.5 million users in 2010 to 66 million users by 2015, from over 190 countries around the world. Wix is a kind of website builder with a cloud-based web page development solution that provides its users online drag and drop tools and user friendly interface. It is a free website platform that does not charge any profit from its customers and it earns its revenues from the premium packages and other upgrades provided to its users.
Major advantages of has been specially designed for those entrepreneurs who want to expand their business on internet and want to create their social identity in the market. It is best suitable for those people who lack deep and intense knowledge of designing a website; hence wix caters its users with thorough and complete solutionabout designing a website and how to use it efficiently. It allows its users to create HTML5 websites that looks great also in mobile.
• Cost is the biggest factor in creating a website. Firstly, the user has to hire a website designer for which he has to pay wholesome amount. Then secondly, adding features and templates also require the user to pay money. But with the use of Wix all such amount gets neglected and the user is able to create free website. If you’ve decided to go big and take one of Wix’s premium packages, it will probably cover all your business needs.
• Through people save time as the website is acknowledged with all the tools and techniques that do not require much time and effort in creating a new website.
• There are a number of templates, graphics, background designs and many more features available on their homepage. You just have to select and drag the tool which is required for your website. There’s even an app market with more than 250 apps.
• They also provide you with already established websites on their homepage as it enable you to choose from them easily and guides you what features are required for your website.
Conclusively, if you are planning to step in this world of designing, then is the best solution for your research.

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