10 Best Tips to Remove Default WordPress Widgets

WordPress approaches with number of integral fabricated widgets that lets you to expand the functionality of your WordPress site. But in quite many cases, you may not like to have every widget to be active in WordPress. So you can put out of action the needless widgets in the functions.php of your site theme. You can easily remove those that you don’t require to decrease the clutter and perk up the usability.


WordPress offers you with a function unregister_widget so that you can unregister the earlier registered widgets. We have mentioned here 10 best WordPress tips of how to remove the default WordPress widgets effortlessly. While eliminating any of the default widget, the rest should be adjusted thereby.

1. Archive Widget: The Archive widget is considered a default widget which is hard-coded on sidebar.php, and can be removed as per your wish. As the Archive cannot be separated individually, you can isolate it with the use of the CSS on the web page. When it is a page, you can alter the page template into complete width or CSS can be applied to conceal it. (.page #widgets [display: none; ] ) But when it is a post, you can apply CSS to hide it. (.single #widgets {display: none;} )

2. Categories Widget: WordPress appears with structured Category widget that lets you in filing your categories in sidebar. But at times you may want to eliminate particular categories from the default category widget. The categories can be hidden by applying the subsequent code as: 1. //hide categories from WP category widget 2. function eliminate_widget_categories ($args) 3. {$exclude= ‘1,4,8,57,80’; 4. $args [“exclude”] = $exclude; 5. Return $args; 6. } 7. add_filter (‘widget_categories_args’, ‘exclude_widget_categories’).

3. Meta Widget: As the Meta section is hard-coded, a solution is provided to you for the removal of this widget. Firstly you have to click on appearance in the admin panel, and then click on editor. Then you find and click sidebar.php on right hand side. Scroll in the course of the code, and find the following code: <h2><?php _e( ‘Meta’ ); ?></h2><?php wp_register() ; ?>

1.<?php wp_loginout() ; ?> 2.<?php _e (‘Valid’) ; ?> <abbr title= “eXtensible HyperText Marpup Language”>XHTML</abbr> 3.<abbr title= “XHTML Friends Network” >XFN</abbr> 4.WordPress 5.Now you can erase the above code 6. Then update the file. The Meta widget is finally removed.

4. RSS Widget: You need to go towards the Dashboard>Appearances>Widgets. Then you can remove the RSS widget from the sidebar. Or else, if you clear the entries including Sidebar news title, Sidebar news feed link, Sidebar news feed link title, displayed in the screenshot, and those should eliminate the RSS widget.

5. Slideshow Widget: With Slideshow widget, you can exhibit quite many images on your website. Extgen-gallery / widgets / widgets.php You not have to eliminate the line: $title= apply_filters (‘widget_title’, empty ($instance [‘title’]) ? _(‘Slideshow’, ‘nggallery’) : $instance [‘title’]); By this the Slideshow widget will be excluded.

6. Calendar Widget: You can very easily eliminate the Calendar default widget from the WordPress. For doing this, you have to only add the following in your functions.php file: function remove_calendar_widget () { unregister_widget (‘WP_Widget_Calendar’); } add_action ( ‘widgets_init’ , ‘remove_calendar_widget’ ); Thus the Calendar widget is finally removed.

7. Recent Comments Widget: Recent comments widget from the sidebar can be removed by altering what is in the widget through> appearance->widgets.

8. Tag Cloud Widget: For excluding the particular tag cloud widget, you can follow as wp_tag_cloud ( ‘exclude=13,21’ ); This will help you in getting rid of Tag Cloud widget.

9. Custom Widget: In order to remove the Custom default widget from your WordPress website, you can follow this: unregister_widget (“WP_Nav_Menu_Widget” ); Hence you can effortlessly eliminate the Custom widget.

10. Search Widget: When you want to get rid of Search widget, you can go through this process: <div id= ‘search’> <form id= ‘searchform’ action= ‘http://3men11ake.com/’ method=’get’><div> <input id= ‘s’ class= ‘form-input’ type= ‘text’ size= ‘35’ value= “” name=’s’/> ,input class= ‘search-submit’ type= ‘submit’ value= ‘Search’ name= ‘search’/> </div> </form> </div>.

The other needless widgets include Page widget, Recent Posts, Text Widgets and Menus Widgets that can removed by you also. Therefore, the above WordPress tips will surely help you in getting rid of unnecessary widgets from your WordPress website. Now depending on your needs, you can pick out those unwanted widgets without difficulty!


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