What a Website Will Look Like in 2015

Fall is almost over, and so is the year 2014 – time has come to get preparing for what the next year will bring us. In web design things are changing fast, and trends are emerging from where you might not even expect, but there are some general ones already showing that will influence the way a website will look next year.

Here is a list of the few I have observed to shape our websites’ and designs’ looks for the year to come.

1. The big picture

This is the time when this expression has to be understood literally. More and more websites tend to use large scale images as their backgrounds, especially on those pages that have only a small content – log on pages, registration forms and similar. A large picture will fill up the space otherwise left unused, and transmit a strong message to visitors. Several websites have already started using such pictures – expect more to follow in 2015.

2. Custom typefaces

Embedding a font in a website gives designers and developers an extra way to express themselves. Using a ready made web font – or, why not, creating a special one for your website – will add an extra spin to how it looks and feels, adding to the things that make it unique. Using web fonts will increase a lot next year – because Arial and Times are simply not enough any more.

3. Responsive to the extreme

Creating websites that only behave themselves on a certain resolution should be a thing long forgotten. With a few exceptions, of course. (It might be the the best microgaming,┬ábut it’s still not responsive, so it’s obsolete). Next year’s website will look and feel great on all resolutions, from the smallest smartphones out there to the largest smart TVs one might have. Working for a single device or building different themes for different screen sizes is not enough any more. Next year responsiveness will be taken to the extreme – all websites will have to look great on whatever a user might choose to visit them with.

4. Background video

This is one I personally hate, but it seems to be an increasingly trendy thing. Some web pages have videos in their backgrounds – and if it wasn’t enough, they also have sound, and start playing as soon as the website loads. It is annoying, maddening, and incredibly rude, but customers seem to like it, and it can be seen on an increasing number of websites already. Next year this will probably be taken one step further – although I hope not. Call me old fashioned, but I simply hate it.

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