5 Best Free Tools to Take and Annotate Screenshots

Since we live in a very busy society where time is of the essence, being able to share the images on our screen with other people is surely very important. The best way to do this is by taking a screenshot of that particular image then sharing it with the target person. Screenshots are really useful both at work and at home, as they allow us to share important information with our friends and colleagues without any effort. We just take a screenshot and send it without a problem to any person we want.

Why is Annotation on Screenshot Useful?

Annotating images is also very useful for us, as it enables the person that takes the screenshot to add various information regarding the content in the screenshot, which can be personal opinions or guidelines. These are really useful in the workflow, as they can easily increase the productivity if done properly. There are numerous applications that can help you annotate images, and some of the best screenshot software free are being reviewed below:

Free Online Screenshot

This tool can be used either online or installed on your computer and it brings the same functionality either way. It allows you to easily take a screenshot of anything that is included on your screen and it even detects windows automatically so you don’t have to do anything. It’s really important to know that screenshot annotation using this tool is very easy to do and all the annotated screenshots can easily be shared with your friends and colleagues effortlessly.


This one is an open source application that allows you to create the desired screenshots for a selected region and it even allows you to capture web pages. What’s more, it does bring some very interesting annotation features that were specifically designed to increase your overall workflow, which is surely beneficial.


This application is built with ease of use in mind and it enables you to get the job done fast and without any effort. It makes the whole process of taking screenshots very fast and it also brings 4 different capture modes, as well as rich editing tools such as multiple captures and annotation tool that allow you to add the necessary guidelines to your project. It also makes the process of sharing the final images very simple, as you just need to press a button.

3. Lightshot

This is a lightweight tool that resides in your taskbar and doesn’t interfere with your workflow. You can use it at any time you need to take a screenshot. You just select the area of your screen you want to capture, then you just modify or annotate it as you see fit. All this process is done fast and without too much effort which makes it one of the best tools to get the job done.

4. Skitch

Specially designed for Mac, this application comes along with EverNote and provides multiple functions for capturing screenshot. The interface of Skitch is quite hospitable and you won’t get obstacles in using it even it’s the first time. Since this app is closely tied to the official website, you are able to upload the screenshots directly to web and share them via social accounts conveniently. Also, if you prefer not to store your image on web server but in your local drive, you will also have the delivery options including FTP, Flickr or Mac account. Moreover, it supports mobile version which means that you can sync the images from phone to PC or vice versa. Within this elegant program, you’re able to make screenshots on iPhone or Mac platforms at any time you want, and also share the valuable images to others without hassles.

In conclusion, there are a lot of free applications that allow you to annotate your favourite images. The most complete experience is brought by Free Online Screenshot, as this brings you numerous ways to get the job done, either online or by using the dedicated application.

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