10 Cool Mobile Templates from W3Layouts.Com

We are currently living in a world where 53% of internet users access the web through Mobile and its growing. If you have a website which is not Mobile friendly, maybe 53% of your website users are not happy and they are not visiting back. You have an eCommerce site where you are selling products if it’s not mobile friendly then you are losing lots of business. So, make sure your website is mobile and cross device friendly
We feel Responsive is not enough in mobile web because responsive is supported by smart devices what about of other devices which doesn’t support responsive design where huge data is loaded while visiting the website. We need the separate design for less data consumption and faster load. Example is when you visit websites like Facebook and google from different mobile they load separate designs depending on the device compatibility. We have collected 10 best web templates which are mobile friendly and responsive. They are providing PHP script in the package which will detect the device compatibility and load the design Mobile, Smartphone and Responsive Web.

1. 4Pets


2. Smarty


3. Racing


4. Trainer


5. Multicuisine


6. Welcare


7. Mind Spirit


8. Yoga


9. City-Taxi


10. Flats


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