Taking an Example from Five Insane Startups

Some business ideas sound so absurd that they couldn’t possibly work. However, the following examples prove that an unusual concept could be the very thing that puts a company above the rest. The simple fact that your company is unusual could be the primary reason why your idea can grow into a vastly expanding franchise company. Companies like this fill a niche in the market that has an enthusiastic audience just waiting to buy from them. While there is no guarantee that a startup will work, there are a few things that can be utilized to raise your chances of success.


Targeting Specific Groups

Sending letters to Santa isn’t an unusual thing; children of all ages and post-offices all over the world are accustomed to managing the influx of letters around Christmas time. Less common are letters from Santa going out to kids. By offering individual letters from Santa on commission among other products, some companies address a parents’ need to satisfy and surprise their children, especially around the holidays. An issue however, is having a back-up for off-season to ensure income throughout the entire year. A possibility would be sticking with the general theme and expanding the business into related areas. This type of business might not seem to be sustainable year-round, but there are always super heroes and beloved characters that kids might be thrilled to hear from. Birthdays and other celebrations happen all year long.

Using Business Supportive Programs

Some ideas are truly so unusual that getting a funding or specialized personnel is nearly impossible. Jellyfish aquariums certainly fall into this category. Simply observing the interest in jellyfish exhibits in zoos is not enough to prove the marketability of them. But by preparing the basics and then applying for crowd funding, the demand was proven to exist. Even better, the demand is still there, because that jellyfish aquarium startup is the only game in town. In cases of an idea being already wide-spread, but not in a certain incarnation, startup ideas like fitness card games can utilize the interest of bigger companies with interest in expanding their lines. Other supportive options include the use of applicant tracking programs to ease recruitment of specific employees with certain skill sets, exhibitions and contests in various categories.

Filling Niches

The niche market is often overlooked but it can be incredibly lucrative. While sunglasses for dogs sound absolutely superfluous, having a customer like the US Army proves the opposite. Though some may use the canine shades as a fashion statement, there are dogs with illnesses that make a walk in the sun nearly impossible. In the case of the Army, the so-called doggles act as protection from sun and weather in the field and ease the dogs’ jobs. Another example of filling a niche would be companies using society’s dislike toward so-called dirty things to their advantage. Cleaning up after a pet in public is one of the many uncomfortable daily issues faced. Companies gear toward this by being on-call clean-ups in exchange for a fee. Everyone wins.

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