Making and printing your own poster art made easy


During the past two centuries, Poster art had been displayed in public places all over the world. Visually striking, Poster Art or Illustration had been designed to attract attention, by way of raising political awareness, or by enticing people in attending specific events, or encouraging them to purchase a particular advertised product or service.

Poster Art has been used primarily for advertising and announcements in the form of placards and posted bills. The great revolution in posters came when the development of printing techniques emerged, which allowed for cheap mass production and printing, when the technique of lithography surfaced unto the Printing Industry.

Posters, have always been predominantly used for the sake of advertisement, and they continue to be used for this purpose, whether it involves Posters which advertise films, music, comic books, or simply travel destinations, Posters have always served as a means by where to convey a message to the masses and influencing the consumer market.

However, anyone who’s ever shopped for a piece of art is well aware that big art typically comes at a big price. Even if you end up buying some mass-produced canvas, you still have to contend with fitting it in the car, or paying to have it delivered it to your doorstep.

For those who have more time on their hands than money, there are some alternative DIY solutions for printing infinitely large posters from even the most modest printer. However, most of these DIY printing solutions can end up being disappointing and it’s going to use a lot of ink!


These type of printing alternatives may get you close to the kind of result you’d get from a large format printer, however it will be quite easy to spot the seams between the pages and the color printing quality when you’re dealing with full sheets of color images tends to push the limitations of most consumer printers.


Now if you lack the experience with the fine art of Printing nor have the poster board or the patience to DIY, then the best viable solution for printing all of your Poster Art would be to make your own Poster art prints brimming with brilliant colors in any type of finish or design and highly customizable options for any type of event or need your business requires- never having to leave the comfort of your home!

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