How to Gain Money from Depositphotos Microstock

logoMicrostock agency nowadays has been becoming a raising business which is beneficial for three parties including, the owner, buyers, and artists. For the owner, the advantage of this business is obvious. For the buyers, the easiness of getting quality stock images with affordable prices is very helpful. Meanwhile, the activity of selling images or videos on the internet has eased the artists whether they are photographers, painters, illustrators, or videographers to gain “easy” money without promoting or selling their products manually.

If you are a productive artist and want to try gaining money from this website, you are on the right track. You may think first, about the prospect of this microstock. You do not need to worry because now it is obvious that Depositphotos is the fastest-growing microstock agency on the web which offers quality images and videos with competitive prices. If you are an artist or an art buyer which is familiar with internet, you might at least visit this site once when you are searching for images especially the premium and high quality one.

Registering Contributors Account

To sell your images or videos in this website, first you must register a contributor account. Please note that contributor account is different from buyer account. Once your account is registered, you will be directed into the seller dashboard. To be able to upload and sell your images or videos freely on this website, your work must be examined first. You need to upload your best 5 images, or 3 videos, or both of them if you like on the Depositphotos file uploader page.

Depositphotos file uploader page



The last one, you need to upload your identification document to confirm your true identity. For this, it should not be a bother because all you have to do is scan your identity document such as ID card, passport, driver’s license, and etcetera.


After all that completed, you need to wait several days (usually around 1 week) to get the notification whether or not you are accepted as contributor.

Easy Upload

Now it is far convenient to upload images or videos in this website. The new feature introduces drag and drop uploading system which could ease your job. Besides that, there is still FTP upload menu which is more convenient in uploading multiple files at once.

Links to Your Portfolio


Another great feature is you can always link your images or videos sold in this website into your portfolio websites or blogs. If you have a big portfolio outside this site, you will even get higher rating. Higher rating means that you are granted special privileges such as, quick approval for your submissions, participation in Promotion Program, higher search result position, and more.

Interested? For the detail about requirements, terms, and pricings, you could read it on Depositphotos’ Contribute Program page.

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