How to reset settings in photoshop CS4 ?

Yesterday i did some thing weird and it messed up all my photoshop settings . Only solution is to reset settings back to default . I searched every single menu in the photoshop but i dint find any reset settings option so i googled for a solution and found a article which solved my problem with few simple steps.

This article will be helpful to those who don’t know how to reset settings back to default in photoshop CS4 and even to the people who just started out as it will give them the strength to experiment without worrying about the consequences of messing up with the settings.

How to reset ?

1. Close if you have the photoshop application open .

2. Hold CTRL + ALT + SHIFT and open photoshop either from START > PROGRAMS or DESKTOP SHORTCUT or from anywhere .

3. A pop up window appears with the text ” Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings File ? ” . Hit ” Enter ” or Press “Ok” button to delete the settings file .


4. After deleting the file the Adobe Photoshop Application loads with the default settings .


The article which i linked to this post says it works on both Adobe Photoshop CS4 & Adobe Photoshop CS5

Hope you found it useful .

Happy Photoshop .

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