How to create patterns in photoshop

Its been a very long time since my last article . Today i am going to take you through a step by step procedure on how to create patterns and use them as background in photoshop .

What is a pattern

It is the recurring of objects ( or ) It is the sequential order of objects

How to create patterns

It is very easy to use but even more easy to create a pattern in photoshop so lets get started

1. Create a new document of any size . I am creating a 50x50px document.

2. Draw four small squares around the 4 corners of the document.

3. Now using rectangular marquee tool to select the objects and go to Edit > Define Pattern , Name the pattern and press on OK .

How to check if pattern is created or not ?

Goto EDIT > Preset Manager and select patterns from the drop down menu to check the list of available patterns . One can even load patterns using load button

How to apply a pattern to the text

1. Create a 500 x 200 px document and fill it with #121212

2. Create a new layer above the background layer and name it as spot light

3. Select soft brush with the below settings and left click [ one time ] on the center of the document.

4. Now choose text tool from tools palette and with below text tool settings type in your text

5. Go to blending options and select pattern overlay, set the options to that of below image and press on ok .

How to apply pattern to background

Apply step 5 to the background layer

Don’t forget to download my three piece pattern set

3 Piece Pattern Pack (295)

Hope you like this basic tutorial . Would love to hear you about the tutorial . Happy Photoshop

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