Photo manipulation inspirational roundup part 1

I was planning to write a  Photo Manipulation roundup from many days and i have decided to write the roundup in two parts due to the  increased number of awesome photo manipulations available in world wide web. Before going to photo manipulation inspirational roundup  part I,we will see what is photo manipulation ?

Photo Manipulation is the art of incorporating photography with imagination.

Why photo manipulation is considered as an art because combining photography with imagination is not an easy task. Any one can be innovative but giving life to illusions is the key factor in this art which is possible only when someone is with great patience. If any one who really want to be a good photo editor/manipulator needs two qualities.

  • Innovation
  • Patience

Now lets go through the inspirational roundup part 1

1. Desperation

2. Job Done

3. Angry

4.Red Sky Mummia


6.How This Make your tongue feel

7.Drawing Hands

8.Baby Transformer

9.Arms Break,Vases Donit


11.Umbrella Girl

12.Mio Gps Digital Art


14.Slick Corea – Turbo Corea

15.Get On Your Road

16.Matias Argés’s Photomanipulation

17.This time tommorrow

18.Its Back



Hope you Enjoyed part I 🙂 ..Stay tuned for part II

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