4 basic tools for retouching in photoshop

Retouching always been my favorite part of photo editing as i started using photoshop for this purpose and i believe many of the photoshop beginners love doing it , photographers must learn technique to retouch their clicks .

Retouching is the method of modifying or altering the photographs in order to make it look  better. In the beginning when i came to know about this method i don’t have any idea on how to or where to begin .

In order help the newbies today  i am going to talk about the tools which i use to retouch a photograph in photoshop. Hope  this little piece of information helps you

1. Dodge Tool

You may come across a situation where the pic looks dull due to some shades in the photograph. Then you can use the dodge tool to lighten the shades and make the photograph bright and good.

Check out my tutorial on Retouching using dodge tool to understand on how to use the dodge tool

2. Stamp Tool

Stamp tool is also known as clone tool. It is used to replace information for one part of a picture with information from another part.

Check out part 1 of my tutorial on How to use stamp and burn tool in photoshop to understand the usage

3. Brush Tool

This tool is my favorite of all times. Many things can be accomplished using this tool but as far as  retouching is concerned it is used to adjust the skin tone [ if your retouching a face].

I m still looking for a detailed tutorial on this tool .I will update the link as soon as i find one

4. Blur Tool

Blur tool is used to apply blur effect . Every stroke made using this tool will lower the contrast between affected pixels . This tool will be really helpful while retouching facial parts .

Note : I will update the links for blur and brush tool as soon as i find a suitable tutorial. In my next article i will show how to retouch using these basic tools .

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