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Template Designer Blogger

After static pages , blogger team introduced yet another tool known as template designer for us.With the help of this tool anyone can easily customize the theme of there blog. Now lets see features of this easy to use tool.

Features :

? Templates

You can choose from 12 themes provided by josh peterson

Template Designer-Templates

? Background

You can do two things with the help of this tab.

Template Designer-Background

1. Change background image

Template Designer-Background Image

2. Select the main color scheme

Template Designer - Main Color Scheme

? Layout

You can change / set the body layout,footer layout and width

Template Designer Layout

1. Body layout

Template Designer-Body Layout

2. Footer layout

Template Designer- Footer Layout 

3. Adjust width

Template Designer Adjust width

? Advanced

You will have full control ( colors,fonts ) of every single element like blog title ,page text ..etc

Template Designer-Advanced

Blogger team is really working hard to improve the software.
Kudos to the team

Note : Tell us What do you think of this new tool introduced by blogger through comments

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