Retouching using dodge tool

Did you ever try this little tool [ Dodge Tool] which will make  your  retouching  life easy . I always use this tool for retouching and so today i will teach you how to use it in retouching a face

Requirement : Any version of PS
• Open the source pic…I found the below pic @ Google

Retouching using dodge tool

• In this tutorial we will use dodge toolDodge toolto retouch the darker parts of the face to brighter ones.

Retouching using dodge tool

• Select Dodge tool from tools palette and set the exposure according to your convenience (default:50).

• Now slowly click and drag (left mouse button) on the darker parts of the skin to make it
brighter as in the below picture.
 After retouching using dodge tool


Retouching using dodge tool

After Retouching using dodge tool

Hope you got some idea on how to use the dodge tool

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  1. Now this is what I would deem :”Cheap Plastic Surgery ” without the pain 🙂 great tut K 🙂

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