How to use stamp and burn tool in photoshop

I always been a hug fan of  stamp tool and i often use it in my retouching projects .Today i want to show you how to work with stamp tool and burn tool .

Requirement: Any version of PS

1.Open the source pic


2.In part-1 we will work on stamp tool…Stamp tool is used to remove any unwanted area from the pic or used to replace the unwanted part with any other part of the pic…In the below pic the unwanted area is the shadow of a rock. stamp tool from the tools palette

4.Now select the area which is to be replaced with the unwanted part(Shadow of the rock).I choose

5.Now by holding the ALT key select the starting point of the area which has to be replaced…after selecting the start point release the ALT key and polish the area till the shadow disappears.

End of Part 1

6.As you can see some part of the image is brighter than the rest


7.In order to decrease the brightness we use burn the burn tool from the tools palette

8.set the burn tool properities to

9.Now polish the brighter part untill it changes to

End of part 2

End of Tutorial


Hope you like the tutorial

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