How to use pen tool tool in photoshop

If you are a photoshop beginner you will definitely hate pen tool but after going through this tutorial you will love it .

Requirement: Any version of PS

1. Open the pic
For this tutorial i am using the photograph of a T-SHIRT
with white background

2. Select pen tool from the tools palette

Verify the settings in the pic and your pentool settings are same

3. select the outer edges of the t-shirt

4. Zoom-in the pic and by holding ALT key click on the path.By doing it
few selection points (or)anchor points appear on the path

5. Click on the path to insert a sub path (or) anchor point

6. Hold CTRL key ,click and drag the new anchor point in order to adjust the selection path to that of t-shirt’s outline

7.  Now repeat step 5 & step 6 till you adjust the whole path,after completing the pic looks like

8.Now right click inside the path and select Make Selection

9. Change Feather selection to 1px and click on ok

10. After completion of step 9 the path changes to marching ants

11. If u want to separate background from the photo then click on Select>Inverse ,press del to delete background

Do it couple of times and i bet you will master this tool

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