How to add delete icon to your comments manually

If you look at my templates i never used delete icon in the comments and i still wonder why i dint notice untill one of my template users asked me why i am unable to delete a comment.In order to help her and others i am writing this article on how to add delete icon link to the comments manually.

I will take my floral blog as an example to show you how to add delete comment link to the comments manually.

  •  Go to Layout > Edit HTML

  •  Search for the “comment by” and paste the below code after “<data:comment.timestamp/>” 

<span expr:class=’&quot;item-control &quot; + data:comment.adminClass’> <a expr:href=’data:comment.deleteUrl’ expr:title=’data:top.deleteCommentMsg’> <img src=’’/> </a> </span>>

  • After adding the delete comment link the comments page looks like

Hope you like the article.

Download : Floral Blog Template after adding delete icon to the comments

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