Secret sauce to pull crowd to your blog – Forget SEO

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Leo Babauta is a professional celebrity blogger, famous for his blog, Zen Habits.

In a very short interview with ProBlogger, he shares his secret sauce to getting 144,700+ subscribers and gets millions of hits per day to his blog.

I was astonished to read that Leo doesn’t do any Search Engine Optimization(SEO) tweaks to get traffic to his blog. He revealed that he doesn’t believe in SEO!

The simple advice that Leo offered Bloggers:

  1. Figure out what problems a lot of people have.
  2. Create really useful content to solve those problems.
  3. Write a good headline to help the post get spread more widely.

Firstly, identify issues people face day in, day out. For example, if you write a blog on mobile phones, find out the problems a lot of people have using new mobile phones. For example, consider the issue of viruses in a mobile phone. Almost all the nokia high-end phones have a problem with viruses. When a virus or malware attacks, people are forced to format the data on the mobile.

Secondly, write blog posts on tips to protect a cellphone from a virus attack. Write about popular anti virus software available for mobile. Comprehensively list the possibilities of a virus attack and warn mobile users to avoid those situations when viruses or malware can creep into a phone.

Thirdly, think of a kick-ass headline. Headlines are important because, they drive readers to your blog. People look at the headline of your blog post and decide whether or not to go further and read your article. How about a headline “How not to lose your valuable data on mobile to viruses” / “Vaccination to your mobile – Save your pics on mobile from losing to viruses”. Play around with headlines. You can master the art of writing headlines with some practice.

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