Table of Contents Categorized By Dates For Blogger

This script was written by Abu Farhan.Today morning i was searching for table of contents script categorized by dates and i lucky landed on this site .I thought of sharing it with you all so i m writing a step by step procedure on how to install this script.

Installation is very simple
• Login to your Dashboard,Select the blog
• Go to Posting > New Post
• Select Edit html
• Now paste the below code with a small change.Replace your blogger link with yourlink

<script style="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

• Save it
• Use the post link in navigation bar or anywhere you want
• Hope you like it .Have a nice day

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  1. Hi.
    This TOS uses javascript but this means that all links in TOS are not going to be indexed by Google. Is not it better to have TOS indexed by Google?

  2. Hi Tomaz,
    What you said is right. This TOS doesn't get indexed by Google. But there is no other go. As the posts that are displayed in TOS change dynamically, javascript is the best way to retrieve them. Do let us know if you have a better TOS.

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