13 Deadly Blogging Ideas for students

blog ideas for students
Students studying under graduation / post graduation usually have a lot of leisure time. Sometimes they get free time naturally when lecturers are on leave, and sometimes they make leisure time themselves(by bunking!).

While they are not playing computer games such as Warcraft or not chatting with female friends or working on a lengthy lab record book, they wish to spend time blogging. Most of the students blog with an idea of earning money, whereas few of them blog to earn respect among their friends, community and from their future employers.

No matter for what reason you want to blog, here are few deadly ideas:

  1. Blog about your college life  – Blog about your college, your friends, interesting masala incidents (without naming people to be on a safe side), funny incidents, your musings and whatever that comes to your devil’s workshop(your idle mind).
  2. Blog about your curriculum and what you learnt – write about your favorite subject, what you learnt recently in it, about your most hated subject, why that subject sucks and about your understanding about the subject, your thoughts and learning.
  3. Blog about your college lab sessions – If you are a geek who loves practical in college. Write about your lab programs, your experiments, their outputs and failures. Take snapshots of the circuit that you assembled on the bred board, show it off!
  4. Blog about your project progress – quite useful to show off your skills to your future employer. This may help you get a job too. Copy paste your project reports, project presentations, pictures of project in your blog and challenges you faced in getting it to work.
  5. Blog about latest computer hardware configurations – Love assembling desktops? Or love knowing configurations of laptops? Write about the latest prices of laptops, reviews of computers being used by your friends.
  6. Blog about social networking sites such as orkut, facebook and twitter – this is the easiest and the most popular one. How difficult is it to follow trends in facebook, orkut, take screen-shots and write about it?
  7. Blog about the books you read – Are you a book worm / harry potter fan. Why not write about the books that you read. Just write your review about the book, or write your version of the story (interesting).
  8. Blog about the movies that you watch – Movie buffs, just write about your thoughts on movies that you watched, the movies that you talk about to your friends, why not talk to the whole world about them?
  9. Blog about Indian cricket matches – Cricket is a religion in India (complete the rest of slogan).. Write about cricket matches, about your take on them, about the team, your selection of players and all your rants about them .
  10. Blog about Mobile phones – 90% of guys love buying new mobile phones. Write about your mobile phone, its features, what you like, what you hate, what you want.
  11. Blog about the computer games you play – I know you play games for most of the time! Write about your progress in games. Challenge people online.
  12. Blog about Indian Television serials / Reality Shows – Are you one of those who watches uttaran in colors channel or do you like watching mtv roadies or any other reality shows?
  13. Blog about restaurants and food – are you a food freak. Write about your favorite restaurants in the town, your favorite food, recipes of food. etc.

The first and the biggest factor that inhibits you from blogging I guess is your under-confidence about your English writing skills. Let me clear this point, read this article about bad writing habits taught in school. In that article the author tells few of the modern rules of blog writing. Do not worry about the grammar, nobody is going to mock you or sue you about your poor grammar or spelling. All readers care about is your idea.

And you don’t need to write in a scholarly style of Shakespeare to impress readers. Just write in a casual tone, like the way I wrote this article. Most importantly, you don’t need to write in English! You can write in your native language without feeling bashful. Come on, it’s your native language, the language that you spoke most of your life. You obviously would be most comfortable writing in that language. With tools such as Google Transliteration, writing in native indian languages is not a big deal at all.

The second factor that I can think of is the natural reticent attitude of Indians. Yeah, I agree, we are not encouraged to speak our mind in India, schools don’t encourage students to write blog as they want to be “politically safe”. Even most of the corporate tech giants in India don’t encourage their employees to write blogs. They are scared that they might damage “their image” among customers.

Well, if you feel that what you are writing sounds revolutionary, then you can always write anonymously. So many bloggers write without mentioning their full name.

The third factor probably is that you expect magical traffic within a week of starting your blog. You write a couple of articles and expect them to be a huge success flooding traffic and revenue to your site. Very unrealistic expectations! Did you learn to cycle in the first ride? Blogging is no different. You have to learn which ideas hit and which flop. You should know setting a proper headline for attracting attention. There is a lot of science and art that goes behind blogging. So practice first, do not expect results.

Just BLOG!

DON’T mix all the above points in your blog – keep your blog specific to a niche.
DON’T blog copyrighted content – such as giving away mp3s for free etc.
DON’T copy content – be original, show your stuff, don’t steal others stuff.
DON’T blog  pro-anti-social content – drugs, terrorism etc.

Written by Sridhar Jammalamadaka, a professional blogger who started a new blog called Interview Mantra -India. He wants more friends on facebook. Add him as a friend on facebook.

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