Copied Content NEVER gets Google Adsense revenue

do not duplicate content

Oooooh, you have a brand new blogger blog now..

Now what?

You have installed a fancy template, cool your site looks great! You show it off to your friends. They are bowled over, they like your template and they praise you.

Now, you want quick money from google adsense, you copy the code of google adsense and place it all over your blog, just the way that your friend taught you.

Good progress!

Now, you start searching the internet, copy paste quickly few articles. You keep checking your google adsense account, waiting for that 100$ cheque desperately.

Hey wait! If you did not know this before, please remember that Google never gets search results for copied content. So however hard you try, how many ever articles you copy, how much ever your friends praise your articles, Google is not going to get you any search results.

Don’t waste your time! Go spend some time and write something original, Google is smart.

Useful Tip: To check whether your blog has copied content go to Copy Scape page and type url of your blog there. See I told you..

This post was written by Sridhar Jammalamadaka, a professional blogger and social media marketer. Follow Sridhar on Twitter.

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