4 ways to encode html for blogger

Today i am going to show you how to encode html so that you can post the code in your blogger post.The reason behind writing this article is that many people dont know how to post html code in blogger post.Normally you cant post html codes directly when your post editor is in edit html mode .There are 4 methods by which you can encode your html code.

1. Replace the < & > with their respective entities

< - &lt;
> – &gt;

You can replace manually encode with method 1 if the code is of 2 – 3 lines .If the code is big you need to follow the below methods

2. Set your post editor to compose mode when you paste codes and shift back to edit html mode while writing text

3. Use online html encoders or make your own html encoder
-> Online HTML Encoders Click Here
-> My HTML Encoder / Offline HTML Encoder Click Here

4. For this you need a Firefox Browser,Greasemonkey plugin and Html Encode userscript(puts a button on the screen to HTML encode any text that is selected in the edit box.)

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