Origin of the #Hashtag in Social Media

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16 Top Project Management Methodologies

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Socialize Yourself With Website Builder


Nowadays, socializing has become a necessity. Whether you are a businessman or a small shopkeeper, how to create a website is the burning issue. Today everybody are going towards creating their own official site in order to increase their business chain. Establishing a business is a risky affair and once you gain profit and experience [...]

What is a Gantt Chart for Project Management?


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10 Best Tips to Remove Default WordPress Widgets


WordPress approaches with number of integral fabricated widgets that lets you to expand the functionality of your WordPress site. But in quite many cases, you may not like to have every widget to be active in WordPress. So you can put out of action the needless widgets in the functions.php of your site theme. You [...]

What a Website Will Look Like in 2015


Fall is almost over, and so is the year 2014 – time has come to get preparing for what the next year will bring us. In web design things are changing fast, and trends are emerging from where you might not even expect, but there are some general ones already showing that will influence the [...]